[AUDIO] The Mo Ivory Show: The Ambassador Of The Republic Of Botswana Wants YOU!

Today on the Mo Ivory Show, Mo had the pleasure of interviewing your excellency, Tebelelo Seretse, who is the Ambassador of the Republic Of Botswana , along with Robert Shumake in the studio. They presented very insightful information on the economic opportunities offered in Botswana. Botswana is a country that uses their natural resources to support free education, and free healthcare.

The Ambassador informed Mo and listener’s that Botswana is the number one producer of diamonds. Also, Botswana is the wealthiest country in the continent of Africa.

Botswana has economic empowerment opportunities in the areas of infrastructure, financial services, tourism, and so much more. Anything that we have in America, they want and need in Botswana. Any business ideas that you have Botswana is interested in them. Your excellency and Mr.Shumake are in Atlanta for the Do Business In Botswana Conference. For More Information here is the link,  http://www.botswanaembassy.org/botswanaday2012 .

Get The Full Interview and Pictures With Mo, The Ambassador Of The Republic Of Botswana and Robert Shumake Below!


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