Today on the Mo Ivory Show, the hot topic of the day is the Boy Scout ban of gay scoutmasters and members. After years of deliberation the Boy Scouts reaffirmed its policy of not granting membership to openly gay boys and men.  How do they determine if a man or boy is openly gay? Do you agree with the boy scout policy that has been reaffirmed to keep gay boys and scoutmasters out?

Mo also announced that the Girls Scouts have totally opposite views on gays and lesbians they chose  not to discriminate. They not only accept gays and lesbians but they also accepted a transgender child into the organization. One suggestion was brought up that they start a gay boy scouts troop. In further research Mo also announced that if a boy scout has gay parents they are not allowed to participate in the boy scout activities with their child.

Hear what Mo and callers have to say on this topic.

We Had A Boy Scout Leader Call into the show to express how he feels about the ban.

We also had a gay male who participated in the Boy Scouts comment on the matter.

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