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[AUDIO] The Mo Ivory Show: Penn State Football Program Should Be Shut Down!

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(credit: Patrick Smith/ Getty Images Entertainment)

(credit: Patrick Smith/ Getty Images Entertainment)

Today on the Mo Ivory Show, Mo tackled the very controversial Joe Paterno, Penn State issue. There has been a large debate on if the former Penn State coach’s statue should be removed from the campus. Joe Paterno kept quiet for fourteen years while, a member of his coaching staff molested young boys on campus. Paterno is an accessory to this crime, he is just as guilty for trying to cover this issue up.

Mo thinks that the football program should be shut down for at least a year and that the institution should be held accountable. Mo also asked where does the NCAA stand on this issue since we haven’t seen any action from them.

Mo raised the question, how do you define a person’s legacy? Is a persons’s legacy based on the last thing they did or their entire career?

Listen to what Mo and callers had to say on this issue!

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