‘Anti-Cheating Ring’ Hopes To Thwart Potentially Unfaithful Spouses

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Wives and husbands concerned about the fidelity of their respective spouses may have a new way to prevent their beloved from straying thanks to a new wedding band intended to leave a mark on whoever wears it — literally.

The ring may come in handy for readers of the brand new wedding day survival guide recently released by the Centers for Disease Control.

The anti-cheating ring, sold by TheCheeky.com, leaves an imprint on the ring finger of person wearing it that reads, “I’m married.” Those attempting to remove the ring to enable an extra-marital tryst will be left with a reminder literally etched in their skin.

“With Arnold [Schwarzenegger], Tiger [Woods] and two-timing IMF guy [Dominique Strauss-Kahn] in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating,” the website for the ring states.

The ring is reportedly made of strengthened titanium, and costs $550 to purchase.

TheCheeky.com are also purveyors of controversial items such as the piglet bank – made out of a real piglet – and a tea dunking device that resembles a pair of testicles.

  • http://www.divorcelegalforum.com/infidelity/31-ring-leaves-impression-skin-im-married-intended-stop-cheaters.html#post32 Ring leaves impression on skin: I'm Married, intended to stop cheaters

    […] leaves impression on skin: I'm Married, intended to stop cheaters A website is marketing a ring that is supposed to stop infidelity: the Anti-Cheating Ring. The ring is sold by TheCheeky.com, a campy website that also sells a tea-dunking device that looks […]

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