A Muscogee County judge is being asked to grant a new trial to Carlton Gary, known as the “Columbus Stocking Strangler”, who was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of three women in the 1970s.

Jack Martin, one of Gary’s lawyers, said a new trial is needed after DNA tests of two of Gary’s nine alleged rape victims show he did not commit those crimes.

Gary was also senteced to death for raping and killing two other women, which both had inconclusive and insufficient evidence to conduct a DNA test.

Another test determined that DNA samples taken from Jean Dimenstein did come from Gary. Prosecutors did not ask jurors to convict Gary for the two rapes and murders, but to use the evidence from the Dimenstein case to show he committed similar crimes.

Gary’s court motion said if the state thinks it has a case against Gary for the Dimenstein murder, it should charge him for it and bring the case to trial.


Written and Submitted by: Asha Staples


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