[AUDIO] Should Gay Men And Minority Women Be Banned From Donating Blood?

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Today on “The Mo Ivory Show” Mo posed a question to the audience asking, “Should gay men be allowed to donate blood?”

This topic has been raised today in the news because  gay men have been banned  by the Red Cross from the donating blood since 1980. According to an article on cnn.com, Congressman Mike Quigley wants this restriction to end.

Mo also mentioned that minority women are second in being the most affected by HIV Aids and wonders if they would consider banning minority women from donating blood.

One caller was irritated by the topic and believes that, “The only gay men that are putting minority women at risk, are the ones that call themselves discreet”

While another caller says that “It is the dumbest decision that I have ever seen, to say people who are gay shouldn’t give blood, that’s crazy”

One caller since the 80’s hasn’t been able to donate blood and says she ‘s HIV negative.

What’s your opinion on this ban? Should gay men be banned from donating blood? Weigh in.

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