M37Side 300x225 2012 Infiniti M 37Cars like this are why Infiniti has always been a thorn in BMW’s side.


The “M” is made for two-handed driving.


Yes…put the phone down and enjoy the 330 HP six and the 7-speed auto and the firm rear-wheel-drive handling and go have fun on your commute!  When driven in the “Sport” setting, the M is “cat-like”…always ready to pounce and attack….a lot of fun, luxury, tech and room….all in one well-sculpted package.

Not that the “M” won’t pamper you on the way.  Climate-controlled perforated leather seating, Bose audio, white ash with silver powder wood trim, 18” alloys, xenon headlights, rain-sensing wipers and an attractive suede-like headliner round-out the interior.

Infiniti’s tech package adds blind-spot warning lights and distance control among other features.   The distance control sends an audio signal when the computer detects that you’re closing in on an object in front of you too fast for a safe stop.

The M can be had in standard rear-wheel drive or all wheel drive and with either the standard 6 or a monster 400+ HP V-8.
Power is a great thing, indeed, but the 6 performs so well that the V-8 just seems like overkill.
Mileage with the 6 is rated at 18 – 26…we got an indicated 24+ in a mix of I-85 and in-town driving.

The M is a whole lotta’ car…very comfortable for 4…and 5 is no real issue either.
The sticker for all this goodness came in at $59,375.

If you can afford it, go have fun.

And if close to 60 large is not in the budget right now, either wait three years and pick up a pre-owned M for thirty-something, or take a look at the G series….which has virtually the same world-class V-6 in a bit smaller package.

M37Angle 300x225 2012 Infiniti M 37

M37Drivers 300x225 2012 Infiniti M 37

M 37 rear interior 300x225 2012 Infiniti M 37


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