ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — One Atlanta woman is boiling mad after receiving a $9,000 water bill.

Blayne Beacham tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her water bill has been escalating since last July when she initially received a nearly $500 water bill.

“Last night I opened my mailbox and got a bill for $9,224.40 — $2,638.68 worth of past charges, and $6,705.72 worth of new charges, Beacham told the Journal-Constitution.

After receiving a bill in April for $1,155, with $1,430 in late charges, Beacham explained to the Journal-Constitution she hired a certified plumber to make sure there were no leaks and filed an appeal to the Department of Watershed Management.

“I assumed I had a leak, so I got a handyman to come out and check everything,” Beacham told the paper. “They turned down my appeal.”

A spokeswoman for the department says they have found no malfunctions with Beacham’s meter.

“We did install a data logger, which measures hour-by-hour usage that can help us determine if there are any times of the day when usage seems out of kilter,” Janet Ward, spokeswoman for Watershed Management, told the paper.

They are still trying to figure out what has caused the water bill to spike.

“The longer they put off finding a resolution, the more likely I’ll be saddled with a $9,000 bill,” Beacham told the Journal-Constitution. “If they admit I don’t have a leak, why won’t they just replace the meter?”


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