While Volvo has seemingly been going after BMW, Subaru has crept up and started to fill the position that Volvo once occupied….that of being a safe, reliable, not-too-expensive, go-almost anywhere vehicle.2012 subaru Outback white exterior picture 300x197 2012 Subaru Outback


The 2012 Outback is proof…and is one of the main reasons for Subaru’s huge increases in sales over the last year or two.


Just getting into the Outback will give you the feeling that it’s been carved out of a single slab of metal. The “thunk” of the doors have a sound and feel that would make more expensive vehicles jealous.

2012 Subaru Outback Interior 300x224 2012 Subaru Outback

Plenty of room for 5….and plenty of room in the back for all their gear.


And with Subaru’s all-wheel-drive, there’s not many places that you can’t go…safely.


Now….for those of you who actually buy Subaru’s for their utility, you’re going to love what they did with their roof rack! You’ve got two parallel roof rails running front-to-back…until you actually need to tie-down a kayak, bike, Christmas tree, or whatever.


Then you simply pull a latch in the back, and the cross-bars fold out of the front-to-rear rails and lock into place. Even one-handedly…and without leaving any marks either. Handy is not the word. Genius is more like it.

2012 subaru outback rear 300x197 2012 Subaru Outback

Our Outback came with Subaru’s standard 2.5 liter four-cylinder ( a six is an option ) and a CVT transmission…rated at 22 city and 29 highway. We averaged around 27.5 commuting…which is pretty decent forAtlantatraffic and an all-wheel drive vehicle.


A stick-shift is standard….with a continuously-variable automatic as an option.


Our “Premium” test Outback had the four with the automatic…along with heated front seats, a Harman /Kardon Premium audio, Bluetooth, XM and moonroof…and stickered at $30,110.


Easy for the women to slide in and out fabric seats are standard…with leather available as an option…and the interior is just as “soft-touch” as you’ll find on SUV’s costing 10 to 20 thousand more.


With the Southeast being one of Subaru’s target markets for growth, odds are that you’ll be seeing more and more Outbacks on the roads in coming years.




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