100 5463 300x225 2012 Subaru Impreza

Why a Subaru?

All-Wheel Drive….and maybe a few more reasons!

The Subaru Impreza…and all Subarus for that matter…have one point of distinction that no one else has…All-Wheel Drive. On every car they make….at least until their BRZ sports car comes out in a couple of months.

That’s why Subaru is the unofficial vehicle of New England and Colorado. All-Wheel Drive.

What’ll that do for you here in the Atl? Well, on that one day a year when it snows, you’ll be King. During last year’s snow, my neighbor’s Subaru was the only vehicle to leave the neighborhood. Ice storm? Keep it in the garage. And keep the Jeeps and Hummers and all the rest of ’em in the garage, too.

But here in the rain capitol of the South, Subaru’s all-wheel drive will give you an extra measure of safety on all those all-t0-frequent rainy days. You’ve got two more wheels fighting to give you traction at all times.

And in the completely redesigned ’12 Impreza, this all-wheel drive doesn’t really cost you much in the way of gas mileage. This Subie is rated at up to 36 MPG on the highway. I averaged around 32 commuting around the city and up and down I-85. Not bad at all….and great for all-wheel drive!100 5466 150x150 2012 Subaru Impreza

Actually, the Impreza is the lowest-cost all-wheel drive vehicle sold in the US. Ours was a Limited Edition…with a CVT automatic, alloys, and an attractive interior….all for just over $21,000 list price.

The all-new Impreza has an all-new look, too. It’s got an angular front a little bit like the new Ford Focus, combined with nicely rounded sides and rear…even incorporating the BMW rear window treatment. Ample room and very good visibility round out the package.

100 5467 150x150 2012 Subaru Impreza

There’s a couple more distinguishing characteristics of the Subaru beyond it’s all-wheel drive. One is their CVT transmission. You’ll find these on more and more vehicles now days. Basically it’s a “V” –shaped belt that rides up and down vs. a couple hundred gears and assorted other little parts. Mechanics tell me that there’s much less to go wrong on a CVT.

Another unique Subaru feature is it’s engine. Subarus all come with horizontally-opposed engines. The Impreza has a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder….their SUV Outbacks come with 4 or 6 cylinders….but in either case, the cylinders are horizontal vs. up and down. Some call it a “pancake” engine.

Porsche is the only other manufacturer to offer this type of engine. Not that your Impreza is going to run like a Porsche, but not a bad neighborhood to be in, don’tcha’ think?

The benefit to you is a lower center of gravity, which helps maneuverability in emergency situations. And for some reason, these engines are known for their longevity. Your Impreza should easily outlast your payments.

The Impreza also has one of the better suspensions for a car in it’s class…soaking up Atlanta’s pot holes better than most of it’s competitors.

The re-designed Impreza competes against Corollas, Civics, the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus and more. It’s got ample room for five…good visibility…and comes in both a conventional 4-door as well as a 5-door hatch. The four-doors start in the mid $17’s…with the 5-door around a thousand more.100 5470 150x150 2012 Subaru Impreza

If the added safety of 4-wheel drive is important to you, there’s nothing else like it in it’s price range.

Tell us what you think of the Impreza. In fact, tell us how important all-wheel-drive is to you, OK?



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