Rob Redding continues with the story on Barbara Espinosa making controversial comments towards President Obama. Today we found out that the radio host who allegedly called President Obama a “monkey” and says she voted for “the white guy” has not worked there “in a month” and did not make the comments while an employee at the station. A message left on a KFNX-AM voice mail said that Barbara Espinosa has not worker at the station “in a month.” Many people had called the station at the urging of SiriusXM Satellite Radio talk show host Joe Madison.

The station issued this statement: “KFNX received your comment through a voicemail or email. Barbara Espinosa does not host a show anymore on KFNX 1100, so the information is dated. She has not aired a show at KFNX for nearly a month. She currently hosts an internet show on Blogtalk radio to the best of our knowledge. KFNX management, staff and sponsors do not endorse or agree with her viewpoints. Ms. Espinoza (like all KFNX Hosts) does have the First Amendment Right to say what she believes, but KFNX Host’ Contracts includes a clause which prohibits on-air slander of people.

“KFNX no longer has a relationship with Ms. Espinosa, and again certainly does not support her comments. If those comments were made on KFNX, we would have terminated our relationship with her. We certainly apologize for our former relationship with Ms. Espinosa and are deeply sorry she said offensives things.

“We do not know when the comments were made, but it is possible they were made in the past while airing on KFNX, or maybe could have been said on her current internet show on Blogtalk. We also do not know who posted the YouTube video. It is an edited video (and not dated) , so it is unclear what context the improper comments were made.

“If you want more information, we suggest you contact Ms. Espinosa (or Blogtalk) directly regarding this.

“Again we apologize for any inconvenience.


KFNX Management”

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