JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (CBS Atlanta) – A local disabled woman claims she was the victim of discrimination after the manager of a Goodwill store asked her to leave because of the presence of her service dog.

Rose Holowka and her service dog, Honey, were shopping recently at the Goodwill when the supervisor inquired about the animal, according to WCYB.

“About a month ago my husband and I went to the Goodwill, and we were approached by their supervisor,” she told the station. “We were told that we had to leave or show certification or documentation for the dog.”

Holowka, who was injured in a 1992 car accident, suffers from residual epilepsy and partial complex seizures. She is not blind or visually impaired, however, which sometimes leads to complications with having Honey by her side.

State representative Jon Lundberg told WCYB that businesses should not ask.

“You can’t ask to see [documentation],” he said, “This is not like ‘let’s see you driver’s license, let’s see your dog credentials.’ It doesn’t work that way. It wasn’t designed to work that way.”

A representative from Goodwill reportedly maintained that their policy is not to allow pets on the premises without proper identifiers.

However, the animals are not federally mandated to wear vests.


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