Oprah Winfrey Gives 2012 Spelman College Commencement Speech

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ATLANTA –  (WAOK) – Media mogul,  Oprah Winfrey delivered the keynote address to the 550 Spelman College graduates  of 2012,  on Sunday,  telling them that she could see the reflection of herself in their eyes.   Winfrey went on to say that the ancestors and angels had already paved the way before them,  saying “your crown has been paid for,  put it on your head and wear it.”    She told the graduates that this is their day as well.   She emphasized the need to remember three things,   knowing who you are,  and understand that all things are possible,  then telling the graduates to find a way to serve and they will find success,  and then Winfrey ended,  with emphasizing the importance of always doing the right thing.  Ms. Winfrey was also awarded the Spelman College National Community Service Award.    Hear the speech below.

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