CLAYTON COUNTY – (WAOK/AJC)  –  18 year old Jonathan Bun testified in a Clayton county courtroom trial,  and told jurors he’s guilty of some things,  but not everything.  It’s the latest back in forth by the defendant,  who is charged with malice murder in connection with the shooting death of Clayton county deputy,  Rick Daly,  gunned down last summer,  during a traffic stop.   In an effort to prove Bun’s guilt,  prosecutors showed a videotaped  interview he gave investigators after his arrest last July,  where he was seen,   admitting to shooting the officer,   telling detectives he called his parents to tell them what he’d done,   after he escaped,  following the shooting.   Officer Daly was assisting a fugitive squad who was looking for Bun in Jonesboro,  on an armed robbery warrant.     Bun told jurors that he panicked,  and shot Daly,  thinking he was one of his enemies,  that was approaching the car he was riding in,   after the traffic stop.   He also said he believed Daly’s protective vest would stop the penetration of the bullets.   Closing arguments are expected on Friday.


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