DEKALB COUNTY – (WAOK/AJC) – A new indictment has been handed down against DeKalb county’s former school superintendent,  Crawford Lewis,  and others,   charged with racketeering back in 20-10,  which superecedes the original indictment.  Lewis along with chief operating officer,  Pat Reid (Pope),  her former husband,  architect,  Tony Pope,  and Pat Reid’s former secretary,  Conta Moody were all named in the indictment.    The new case still involves racketeering but enhances the charges against Lewis and Pope,  but drops Moody from the case,  who is now expected to testify for the state,  against the others.    Among the amended charges is one for bribery that says Lewis and Reid used tickets to sporting events while believing that “the giving of said thing would influence the awarding of contracts by the DeKalb County School System.”    The new indictment includes new evidence supporting the racketeering allegation – emails concerning Hawks basketball tickets,    letters about Falcons football tickets and an invoice and check to cover Tony Pope’s legal fees.     The trio are charged with racketeering, a complicated charge that will require prosecutors show that a pattern of crimes – such as theft and tampering with evidence – as part of a criminal enterprise. Lewis and Reid are also charged with theft and bribery.   The indictment shows hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of construction change orders and increases in Tony Pope’s bills to the school system. He was an architect working on school construction projects.

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