Book: William Whipper Should Get Credit For MLK’s Nonviolent Resistance

Today on the show, Rob Redding says that on this anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death that a relatively unknown black man and not Gandhi should get more credit for creating nonviolent resistance theory. Redding’s new book “Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers” credits William Whipper for his writings and speeches about nonviolence, which occurred years before Gandhi and others. “Resurrection”, which was released this morning on Kindle and at, also focuses on the important life works of former slave John Jasper.

During and interview with America’s Morning News and WURD-AM in Philadelphia, Redding says “All people need to know that not only did we lose a great man in MLK on April 4th but King was drawing upon the life work of another black man in William Whipper, who also fought for nonviolent social change,” Redding told WURD yesterday. Click below to hear more on what you can expect from this book.

“Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers” is now available via Redding Communications, Inc. on Kindle and

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