Dick Gregory Lays Out Some Hidden Facts On The TrayVon Martin Case

Click the video to hear the hidden facts behind the Trayvon Martin Case



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  • sircharles

    There is no reasons to continue on in comments about the Martin case. The FBI has all of the facts. They know something we don’t and if the Sanford police department has not figure it out yet…they will soon learn the shocking truth. Mr. Zimmerman could have avoided all of the comments and keep those from creating all of the hype on what happen because he, Zimmerman phone calls put in the center as the aggressor, murderer, and even trying to make himself look like he was the one being assaulted. The story is even more deeper with Zimmerman than what we really know. He announced himself as a police officer and that is how Martin happen to be in close range as Zimmerman was approaching……..watch and you will see the full report and story.

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