Henry County (WAOK/CBS Atlanta)- A Henry County mother wants to remove her 7 year old son from his school after she says he was sexually assaulted in the school bathroom. The mother told Henry County Sheriff’s deputies that on Jan. 27, 2012, her son’s teacher told her that her son had gone to the bathroom at Pate’s Creek Elementary School, when something happened.

The teacher said she noticed that it was taking the boy a long time to return to class so she went to go check on him. When she entered the boy’s bathroom the teacher said she saw two pairs of feet facing the front according to the boy’s mother.

In the report to the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, she said her son told her that another boy, also 7-years-old, had come into his stall and asked him if he wanted “to freak.” The mother says her son told the boy “no” and to get out of his stall. Instead of leaving the mother said, ” the boy placed his private genitals on my son’s buttocks.”

A spokesman for Henry County Schools said officials are aware of the incident in question and that “parents of the students involved have been notified of the incident and its ongoing investigation.” Henry County Schools officials said they cannot transfer the woman’s son until the next school year, unless a law enforcement agency formally charges the accused student.

Henry County Sheriff’s Department officials were not sure if the 7 year old  was able to be charged because of his age, so they are leaving it up to the Henry County District Attorney’s office to decide.


Comments (3)
  1. Niki says:

    Some in the news room PLEASE review Henry County rules for changing schools in district and you will see that the Board is dropping the ball on this poor boy.

  2. Niki says:

    You can change schools if your child is in danger and the Superintendent can override all decisions regarding change of schools in district.

  3. Mrs. A. says:

    Well, are the parents of the alleged assaulter being investigated? No 7-year-old should know about “freaking.”

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