ATLANTA (AP) — The state paid at least $355 million in subsidies over the past four years to day cares that failed to meet standards for child care.

An investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows that nearly $1 out of every $5 handed out by the state to day care programs went to facilities that fell short on health and safety. In fact, $230 million went to more than 650 day cares that had been found to be subpar multiple times.

Both state departments that oversee day care programs have revoked funding for some child care providers, but neither has put a dent in the money going to noncompliant centers.

State officials say they are overhauling how they sanction noncompliant day cares, including considering automatic probation for those that don’t meet standards.

  1. Reza says:

    I am SO excited to see you guys get this kind of piotsive publicity! It’s wonderful to see good news broadcast, and perhaps this will help our group grow even bigger. I tell everyone about how easy it is to pay it forward through It Starts With Us and Love Drop (even though I don’t check in like I should sorry). Thank you both for starting a great organization.

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