ATLANTA – (WAOK) – Atlanta police are looking for the man they say opened fire inside a Buckhead Hair Salon,  where celebrity hair stylist Derek J works. Jay has made appearances on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and appeared in the Chris Rock movie Good Hair.   Investigators say it all started,  when a client,  identified as Neffe Pugh, sister of singer Keyshia Cole, came to the J Spot Salon,  located on Pharr Road,  to get help for a bad hairdo.  Police say J called the other salon to inquire about what products were used on the woman’s hair.  Derek J told investigators,  that several hours later,  that hair stylist showed up at the J Spot,  apparently enraged about the incident,  started an argument,  and pulled a gun,  threatening the salon’s owner.  A bullet ended up in the floor of the salon,   and the gunman got away.   The owner says she knows who it is.   No one was hurt. Police have not made any arrests.

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  1. Ken says:

    “Hair Queens Gone Wild” DVD and Blu Ray $19.95.

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