Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques White we talked about the Detroit 300, a group of men banded together to fight gang violence in their communities.  Many people feel that the Police are not doing enough in African-American communities, and the people have had enough.  The Detroit 300 which are just a group of citizens have decided to fight the street thugs on their own, and do the work of the Police.

It is evident that Gang Violence, and Crime is a big problem in Atlanta.  The Atlanta Police is doing the best job they can with the resources provided.  Do you think a group like the Detroit 300 would work in Metro Atlanta?

Today’s People Poll Question of the Day: Who Do You Think Would Do a Better Job at Fight Crime in Atlanta The People or The Police?

Watch the video below to see the new trend of citizens fighting crime in their own hand.


  1. Gerry from Loganville says:

    Naw, bc ATL negros are too lazy to do any thing besides hate on each other regardless of what they do or dont have. Dysfunctional in the heart of the black civil rights movement is the clear sign that leading negros have mislead the mass..ijs

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