Conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh, apologized Saturday after calling a Georgetown University law school student a “slut” and “prostitute.” His outburst came after the law student, Sandra Fluk, after saying that she was in favor of President Obama’s new rule requiring employees to offer health insurance that covers birth control. He posted the apology on his website stating that he did not mean to make a “personal attack” against the young lady. Since his remarks, Rush Limbaugh has been loosing ratings and endorsements for his show. Do you think he deserves more for his comments towards the law student? Click below to hear more about what Rob Redding had to say on the issue.

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  1. Beth Haney says:

    It is embarrassing that this sandra represents and speaks on behalf of all women. I don’t know if she is a practicing Catholic despite the Catholic college she attends. I would imagine she is. If so, she shouldn’t be having premarital sex as this act is condemned by the Catholic church. Furthermore, I never had a problem paying for birthcontrol or contraceptive means with or without insurance. She is what Rush said if she needs that much contraception. I despise those who condemn Rush for speaking the truth. Don’t bash him. Bash the whole idea in general because this is just the start of what liberals are gonna expect the taxpayers to pay for. Stay tuned for a bill demanding our gas be covered so we can drive to the pharmacy to pick up our sex tools. CRAZEEEEE I TELL YOU

  2. B.A.H. says:

    @Beth Haney Obviously you did not listen to what Sandra actually said at the hearing. Rush’s totally misrepresented her statements, and posts like yours are no better that dangerous gossips that spread untrue and hurtful comments about other people. Before you post on the subject again, take the time to actually listen to what she said. It is on you tube.

    1. Ken says:

      @ B.A.H. Thanks for breaking it down for Beth. Sometimes people hear what they want to hear no matter how clear the situation is. Re-invention, deflection and denial seem to be they walk of the land today.

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