Social media has changed the game of communications.  It gives instant access to that you follow and who follows you.  Jay Bilas, ESPN College Basketball Analyst and a frequent user of Twitter provided some interesting insight.  On last week, Bilas tweeted the following in regards to Delvon Roe, “So Wisconsin can play a pro baseball player at QB, but wrong for MSU to play injured cager and actor on senior night.”  Delvon Roe is a former Michigan State University Basketball Player who decided to stop playing siting degenerative knee pain.  It was Senior Day coming at East Lansing and the NCAA decided that Roe would not be able to dress.  Roe has been taking up acting and has been getting paid for acting in small parts.  The NCAA has initially decided that because of amateurism rules Roe would be ineligible to participate in the Senior Night activities.  In comparison, Bilas in his tweet refered to the University of Wisconsin accepting Russell Wilson as a transfer from North Carolina State, who is also a professional baseball player.

The NCAA has continued to complicate the rules set forth by earlier founders that are indeed outdated.  The question is when will they ever change this archaic organization.  The intentions of the organization were indeed noble but the NCAA has to clearly change the way it judges every situation.

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