ATLANTA (WAOK)-The conservative blogger and commentator who became embroiled in controversy over the firing of Shirley Sherrod from the U.S. Department of Agriculture has died. Andrew Breitbart was apparently found in his near his home on Thursday morning after collapsing while on a walk near his house in southern California. He was 43.

 Breitbart, published photos that led to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation from Congress last year. In 2010 Breitbart  published an out-of-context video featuring a speech given by then -U.S. Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod that attempted to portray her as racist against white people. Sherrod was fired from her job but was later offered an opportunity to return to work atr the Agriculture Department which she turned down. Sherrod subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit against Breitbart which had not been settled at the time of his death.

More in this report from CBS News

  1. Ken says:

    Not going to say nothing ugly………..but this guy was a very nasty person. He truly was a pitbull, attack dog for the Right. A very nasty dude.

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