Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques White, we talked about light skinned African Americans being favored over Dark Skin African Americans.  Do you think light skin African Americans are favored more in their daily lives, and in the work place over dark skin African Americans?

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A nightclub event pitting light skinned, brown skinned and dark skinned African-American women against each other in a beauty contest of complexions has caused outraged.

‘Battle of the Complexions’ contest held last night in St Louis has been accused of degrading women and promoting historical divisions.

‘This is the most debatable topic of the year, whats the sexiest skin complexion?? So ladies come out & lets settle this!!’, organisers – video and music promotional company Mack TV and a local promoter calling himself Nelly Da’Celeb – said on a Facebook page for the event.

It goes on to encourage women to attend the contest held at The Venue, a club ironically located on Martin Luther King Drive, to ‘cum out & rep either team-lite, team-caramel or team-dark’.

A promotional poster (pictured) and video promised an event to decide which complexion is the sexiest and features African-American women of different complexions labelled either ‘Light-skin – Red Bone, ‘Brown-skin – Caramel’ or ‘Dark-skin – Chocolate’. 

Adolphus Pruitt, president of the St. Louis branch of the NAACP, told NBC station KSDK that the event: ‘raises the same sort of hair on the back of people’s necks like me and some other folks.

 ‘Folks who buy into it, support it, feed into it, they’re just assuring that using race – using the skin complexion of women, devaluating women and things of this nature – is going to continue to happen, because as long as people spend money to take advantage of it, somebody’s going to use it as a promotional tool.’

After the event was highlighted earlier this week by music critic Kevin C. Johnson, for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the negative reaction imploded.

Camille Houston, an African-American woman from St. Louis, told KSDK that the event was offensive because it perpetuates historical divisions in the African-American community stemming from skin tone.

‘Some guys will say, ‘I don’t like talking to dark-skinned girls,’ or, you know, some girls will say. ‘I don’t like talking to dark-skinned guys,’ Houston said.

The comments section on Johnson’s article attracted hundreds of posts from people outraged by the event. 

One post by LivesiPog said: ‘The women, the men, and the promoters of this event are only doing much more to create a larger divide by skin color in an already too divided country. All involved are losers in my book.’

Another user, thorninyourside, said: ‘and a club located on Martin Luther Kind Dr. I find this type of thing flies in the face of his message. But hey, you can’t legislate tastelessness.’

After the negative reaction, Mack TV and Nelly Da’Celeb put out a statement on Thursday in a bid to defend the event.

The statement admitted that; ‘We could have used a better choice of words..We did not mean to offend the offended.’

The organisers claimed the backlash simply stemmed from a misunderstanding and that the event was being held for Black History Month to give youngster the chance to ‘be proud that you are black! Regardless of your skin tone.

‘Sorry for the confusion & misleading info.’ the statement added.

The event went ahead as planned on Friday and was hailed a success by Nelly Da’Celeb on his Facebook page

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Comments (7)

    Those people are idiots! When I was in college at Bethune Cookman, my processor the late Dr. Joseph Taylor taught us the lesson of the brown paper bag test. It was a lesson I’d never been taught before and it was very sad.
    My family comes in hi to low hues and we were never taught to discriminate against each other and no one ever ‘noticed’ our differences…or else there would surely be trouble. I’m fair and my dad is dark. He and my mother promoted intelligence and character in our house. Its so unfortunate families are not instilling that at home before the unethical society has a chance to impart their dysfunction in our heads. Don’t buy into that. Its racist, hateful and divisive. Sisters, love your sisters and gang up and whip ass of any who try to bridge a gap between the two.

    1. Porsha says:

      Amen, Melissa……………………………….

  2. lil g says:

    DARK SKIN,LIGHT SKIN, Still black to racist WHITE AMERICA!!!!

  3. Uncle Tom Bill says:

    There is no such creature as a “light skinned Black”. Either you’re of pure Negroid extraction, or you’re racially mixed. Mixed race/Bi-racial people. It appears that mixed race/bi-racial people have more confidence in themselves around other races, as opposed to the pure Negroes who are don’t have confidence in themselves that blame everyone except themselves.

  4. Shekia says:

    As a child I was teased relentlessly. I was dark, my sister medium brown and both of my brothers were light. I didn’t know there was a difference until I had been teased in a predominantly BLACK school. Prior to then I was tortured in a totally WHITE school in Minnesota and I did not know that other black people saw a difference between dark and light skinned blacks. When my family moved to Michigan, I thought to myself that I was FINALLY going to fit in. When I began the new school in Michigan and kids saw my Mother for the first time they’d say “oh, that’s your step Mom but what about your REAL Mom.” It didn’t help that I spoke “proper” and listened to music ranging from Hard Rock to Alternative to Grunge to R & B to Hip Hop….I was labeled the “original oreo” because I was “More than black” on the outside and totally white on the inside….

    As I grew up, I listened to people calling dark skinned people TOO black and light skinned people not black ENOUGH….

    As the child of an African, I listened to Black Americans put down Africans and Africans put down American Blacks…

    As the wife of a Jamaican, I listen to Islanders put down all other blacks and all other blacks put down Islanders…

    As a woman I listen to BOTH men and women put down women…

    As a mother…I just want to raise my Dark and my Light skinned daughters, my light skinned niece and my dark skinned nephew…to see how beautiful they are, inside and out… God doesn’t make mistakes, and he created soooooo many beautiful colors even within our own immediate family.

    We are a people (Pan-African) that have reached the far corners of the earth and have mixed and mingled with every nationality and culture on earth in the past and in the present. Many argue that the other races all came from a common ancestor in Black Sub-Saharan Africa. Why do we continue to hurt one another so? Why do we still ignore one another’s pain. I am proud to show my daughters what strong women can do with their talents and abilities—light, dark, or in the middle.

  5. truth360 says:

    true african immigrants are very respectful and kind. They are great people and i really like them a lot. i hate the typical “black american” though. nothing like a real African. NO respect or manners, and just so rude.

  6. sorry this will hurt says:

    Black people are literally cursed. God hates them so he made them more prone to certain diseases and conditions that other races usually do not have ie: sickle cell anemia. they are more likely to have hypertension and heart disease, and many other health problems. The males kill themselves at early ages, they grow up without a father and then they repeat the process. They blame society for ‘racism” when truthfully, they are incredibly more racist than the average white american nowadays. They keep it alive to keep using it as an excuse. there is nothing more ugly in the entire world than a typical, overweight black woman smacking her lips and hollering at her 7 kids in the store. She and her other friend will have a convo like they are the only 2 in the room. SO obnoxious, annoying, repulsive, and just plain ugly. I would really kill myself if i was a black woman. You are at the very bottom of the totem pole in life

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