Too Much Truth Recap: Cody Stephens Will Be The Sole Valedictorian Of Gainesville High School

The family of Charlie Bryant, appointed as Gainesville High School’s co-valedictorian this year, has  decided not to take the title. 

“Because of Cody’s unique position of being our first African American valedictorian, we propose that Gainesville High School utilize the upcoming graduation ceremony to celebrate his, and only his, academic record as valedictorian of perhaps one of the most talented classes that GHS has ever produced,” Bryant’s family said in a statement Monday afternoon.


Many of our callers had alot to say about this. Click the audio links to hear the conversation…

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  • Janice Mathis

    Great job of bringing this matter to a fair conclusion. I do admire the parents’ statement. It seemed sincere. I also believe that your advocacy helped to achieve the desired result.

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