The marketing of the National Football League is so great because the product is always entrenched in the mindset of those that watch.  The Super Bowl is a thrilling game, there is about a two-week lapse that causes one to miss it, then on to combine, free agency, and draft coverage.  This is a wonderful time of year because hope floats for all 32 teams due to the anticipation of players that may be obtained.  One can only compare it to a kid on Christmas Eve, thinking about the gifts that “Santa” may deliver in the morning.

For the Atlanta Falcons, the 2011-2012 Season was a tale of highs, lows, skepticism, and abruptness.  The coaching staff and front office set out of put the final pieces in line to make a championship run by obtaining wide receiver Julio Jones through the draft and defensive end Ray Edwards through free agency.  The moves were controversial, especially the move for Jones because of the draft picks given up.  It was regarded as a reactionary move due to such an ugly loss at the hands of the Green Bay Packers the season before.

It seems that the Falcons are once again reacting to a terrible season ending loss in the playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants 24-2.  This is totally understandable, considering the Falcons have finally achieved milestones that the franchise has never witnessed before, but the owner, front office, and fan base wants to soar to greater heights.  This is a sure sign that complacency is the enemy for the “Dirty Birds” but the moves this off-season have to be carefully calculated for continued success.  Due to the draft picks given up for Julio Jones last season, the Falcon Front Office and Thomas Dimitroff will have to be crafty in their approach to address needs and depth.

The Falcons currently have $30.6 million in cap space and with the team needing help at offensive line, defensive line, linebacker, and in the secondary the front office must be wise in their approach.  They must first choose which free agents are critical to the team that are worth keeping, which is even a greater task now that the Falcons have new coordinators.  Free agents Brent Grimes, John Abraham, Curtis Lofton, and Harry Douglas are at the top of the Falcon Free Agent list.  There are some prize free agents on the open market that are tempting for the Falcons, like a Mario Williams of the Houston Texans and Carl Nicks of the New Orleans Saints.  I foresee the Falcons leaving the splash in the water this season and work to obtain quality low to mid range free veteran free agents along with drafting the best players available excluding the quarterback and wide receiver positions.  The way of successful teams over the past few years has not been to abandon their plans, it has been to take the blueprint to the next level.  The Falcons’ Time is now but only with careful planning and great execution on and off the field.

Jamie Walker can be reached at and you can follow him on Twitter @coachjdub21.

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  1. Fibonnaci says:

    No 1st round draft pick. You count on a good many FA signings. Meaning a few splashes. I do not see canoon balls though. To many teams who could out bid us for mario. But we could get a lot of mid range players, vets and young.

    If we play the cards right we have a wonderful look ahead.

    For instance get Garrard as the back up. (Yes he had back surgery, yes he is 34; but we need only a back up). Sign him for two years and find a young QB to be training in that time and move him as the back up in 3 years.

    Our o-line is better then what you think. We had a horrible o line coach and oc. Svitek did a heck of a job. Look for Svitek to improve under better coachs and further training. Yes i do say get a back up LT and OT. let the line learn each other and become amazing.

    TE is something we need to look at. We better get a young player to train with Gonzales while we have the time.

    Keep snelling. Mughelli is sadly probably done with the falcons. Injury, age, and contract is to much of a qestion.

    Need a young WR, i fear someone is going to out bid us on Harry Douglas.

    A good DE. someone who we have a chance on. Maybe colts DE mathis.

    a couple mid range CB’s. Grimes wabts to much and a lot are upset with his possible benching himself moves. Also his numbers were not good considering he missed 4 games and played 1 game for about ten seconds and got hurt in another. So 6 games basically, so of course his numbers will look good. 2 good seasons, 2 not so good. Not a repeat player. And if his knee is givinghim that much trouble; a month and half, at playoffs, then clearly he is not a player who should be making more then 7. Cause you can only guess how his next season will be.

    Get a good mid range safety and re-sign sanders. Aparently falcons cannot keep healthy safaties. Re-sign Decoud as well. Not really anything better then him in FA. not saying he is awesome, just saying FA safties stink this year.

    We do need to look into a big buy DT. so we can see if 3-4 is something to look into. Cause with brees and newton, we need 3-4 to keep them from going deep. (So this one might hit us as the biggest splash).

    Lastly i say we can address these issues in FA and pick up a TE in our 2nd round draft. Maybe orson charles.


    1. coachjdub21 says:

      I agree with some of what you’re saying but if the offense is reconstructed like I think it will be then you will be looking for a hybrid like a Gronkowski of New England. If not, that won’t be an emphasis. I also think that the O-line is not that far away either, I just think that Sam Baker cannot be your solution at left tackle at all. I actually believe that the entire emphasis has to be on defense, in free agency and through the draft. You can develop some depth on the O-line but not much because of what you gave up for Julio. I think that this is a year of transition for the Falcons, hopefully the fan base can be patient but year two if everyone can stay in place look for big things.

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