Ex-Cop Admits To Robbing Bank To Get Health Benefits In Federal Prison

COLUMBUS, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — A former Columbus police officer admitted in court that he robbed a bank last year so he can get health benefits being in a federal prison.

Edward Pascucci told U.S. District Court Judge Clay D. Land Thursday that he was facing “severe health problems” and homelessness when he decided to rob the Citizens Trust Bank last August, according to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

“I didn’t want to be homeless,” Pascucci said, according to the paper. “I should not have manipulated the justice system, but I couldn’t think of any other way to get help.”

The FBI said Pascucci walked out of the bank with more than $1,000, according to WTVM-TV. He was jobless for more than a year when the crime occurred.

Pascucci – who served as a police officer for 15 years – was sentenced to five years and three months in prison.

  • Roughman

    On the force for 15 years and now homeless? There has got to be a “Story behind the story” here…

    • Irv

      Previous court action gave away all he had to the ex-wife.

    • JR

      In the local newspaper they state he was a former marine who after 15 years on the dept his employment was terminated due to psychological problems.

      • Joe Italiano


        So…what is the difference…I also [like him] served honorably in the Marine Corps before going into LE…many veteran Marines become Cops…does not negate his honorable service to Corps, Country or Community.

        A brain tumor, as well as a chemical imbalance, can be the proximate cause of ‘psychological problems’…neither qualify for a LE pension and Social Security is not easy to get approved without a determined attorney [unless you are disabled due to a drug addiction]!

        Only illegals and generational degenerates automatically qualify for the Federal benefits that we contributed to; I did not give up because it was my money that they deducted out of my check since I was 14…I needed what was mine to feed my children!!!

    • Dr. 9

      15 years of service? What about his pension? Very poor reporting, but they did remember to fill the page with ads. pop-ups, drop-downs, and secret cookies planted in our computers.

      • John

        Well, they couldn’t forget the important stuff.

    • Joe Italiano

      Hey folks…

      Did it ever occur to any of you that this former Cop had an honorable career before being diagnosed with a disabling condition that forced him off the job. Many agencies only offer pensions to those disabled in the ‘line-of-duty’; therefore, if this Officer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, etc. and denied Social Security Disability…he was SOL…

      It happened to me after 16 years of Law Enforcement service; however, I was fortunate enough to have purchased a personal, long-term disability plan and get approved for Social Security Security Disability (after two appeals).

      We are not all sinister…desperation is relative to one’s personal experience!!!

      • Sick and tired

        Cops. Haha. Why don’t you jerks go bust a lemonade stand. I’ll protect myself. If some slimeball tries to break into my car to steal my stereo, I’ll shoot his ass. Why don’t you jerks arrest some illegal immigrants. They are destroying the country. Cops won’t bother to show up if someone breaks into your car. They are too busy eating donuts or standing around at some crime scene that requires the presence of one, maybe two cops. You always see like 20 cop cars.

      • laslavic

        your claim you were fortunate? the rest of us call that behavior being responsible. Sure you may have to pass of a vacation or two or dine out less or by less expensive stuff but buying a long term disability adder or what ever it;s called is quite common with many even regular folks not pulling down 6 figure incomes. Regardless SS is not for cancer or MS anyways and never has been….except for your kid to pay for school if you pass before they are out from under you and on their own.


      • ACDenco

        Exactly correct. For example it’s unfair that that the media reports that half of all recent Boston firefighter disability claims occurred while filling in for their supervisors. So what if they receive disability payments based on the SUPERVISOR’s pay grade (or that 75% of all Boston firefighters retire on disability).


      • A. Levy

        All he had to do was tell them he was an illegal from Mexico, and they would have buried him in free benifits. This is life under Obamunism.

        God save us from the voters.

      • UNdergraduate

        You’re full of it “Joe.”

      • Machtyn

        @iaslavic: The difference is the guy in the article was willing to give up his freedom for continued life and care. He wasn’t thinking one or two less vacations, a move to lower rent apartments… he was thinking of life without freedom to move about as he wishes.

        In the end, he got and will get what he wanted – life in prison and health benefits for the next 5 years, paid for by the state.

    • NotACop

      the story’s gonna get better. what’s gonna happen when he gets to prison only to realize that the place doesn’t have a vet?

    • hvnlyhoots

      FILM AT 11:00

    • Aaron

      Probably woul be something like: A 15 year member of the Fraternal Order of Police union voted for Obama. When the economy tanked, Obama gave the big bankers trillions of taxpayer dollars.

    • Lily

      Yes there probably is a story behind this. This man is might be a corrupt
      cop ….who deserves prison.
      There is a lot of bad apples out there and he might be one of them.
      He is not protecting the city anymore …..I wonder why.

      • Lily

        correction- There ARE a lot of bad apples and he might be one of them.

    • mark

      I agree! Today cops have good benefits and often a pension. Something must have happened, and by the way he handled his current problem by robbing the bank, he was probably to blame for his misfortune all around.

    • ImaHippyBurning

      I agree this is not the whole story, which is usual in todays headline only approach to journalism…

      • Obama's Cousin

        Yea, it was the “health benefits” please. Watch how many robberies happen after December 21, 2012. Looting and rioting galore.

      • Mandy McDonald

        “How about real news” thanks for the link. You were right about the government posters. Their job is to attack, discredit, and divert attention anytime someone leaks something of that magnitude. Great site. Keep spreading the truth.

      • Lee Reynolds

        HowAboutRealNews must be some kind of Scientologist or something.

        Don’t let the psychs get you! They’ll steal your body thetans and make you take prozac!

      • randomGuy


        That link has to be the dumbest, most psychotic and disturbing thing I’ve seen on the internet since.. well, ever.

        You should seek help or resume taking your meds.

      • S1

        There is always more, that you don’t see right away. At any rate its sad to see, what people are doing in hopes of getting by.


      • HowAboutRealNews

        So much of the news is completely made up now after the coup and cover up. We have no democracy, president, or freedom of press anymore. Endless Psy-ops stories fill the daily news cycle.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        The biggest cover up is exposed here

    • johno


      • Joe Italiano

        Yes JohnO, it is what we Cops get after running towards the gunfire for 20 years and dying [statistically] within 5-10 years of retirement due to a life filled with constant adrenalin dumps, stress, etc. We accept a lower working wage in exchange for a 50% annual pension [until death] at retirement.

        Hey, if you think this sounds glamorous and you would like to make less than $40k a year (before overtime), apply to NYPD, we are always hiring…we have Officers feloniously killed every day here…roll the dice my man!!!

      • fsilber

        I suspect it’s not the adrenaline that shortens cops’ lives so much as the rotating shifts and the heavy drinking and caffeine use to cope with it.

  • JustAGuy

    Wow, the Obama Economy has affected some people pretty bad. If Obama is re-elected, maybe this practice will catch on.

    • JOhn

      the Obama economy? gimme a break, got into this mess long before Obama got elected

      • Republicrat

        The economy was in the toilet during the latter half of Bush’s presidency. Remember the TARP bailouts to all of the failing banks? That was Bush’s doing.

        The economy didn’t magically go from good to bad under Obama.

      • Vicky Bevis

        No, it went from BAD to WORSE!

      • Thos Weatherby

        TARP was caused by the banking business loaning money out to people who couldn’t afford it. The businesses were being forced to make these bad loans because of GOVERNMENT policy. The main policy behind it was Dodd-Frank. Both Democrats. Bush asked Congress to correct Fannie and Freddie a total of four times but the Democrat controlled Senate, wouldn’t go for it. Bush does get some of the blame but so do the Democrats who wouldn’t fix it. Obama just took a bad thing and made it much, much worse.

      • Alf

        Don’t forget, obama voted with dodd and frank for al of these bills while he was a US Senator. He’s just reaping what he has sown.

      • pukeobama

        its all jimmy carters fault then , by your reasoning.

      • Shaniqua

        Here we go…blame Bush. When are you sycophants going to admit that your overlord obbamma is an utter failure? O-dumb a.ss has had almost 4 yrs. and he’s accomplished nothing except adding more misery to the lives of Americans. Vote him out in Nov!

      • Marybell

        Who controlled the Senate and Congress duriing President Bush, Dude. You need to brush up on Civics and Problems of
        Democracy in the event you were not taught this in School. Believe all the hand outs were Johnson’s idea right? Clinton is the one that took the SS Lockbox and put in IOUs right? 4 more years of Obama – then you can kiss your rear end GONE

    • Deez


    • JustAGuy

      HA HA HA!!!

      I touched a nerve with the Obama Faithful! Truth hurts, huh?

      Enjoy the Obama Economy! You voted for it!

  • Dave

    Who would’ve thunk it! A cop doing something wrong to continue to suckle at Uncle Sams tit.

    JustAGuy, this is a cop we’re talking about. If he hadn’t had that job to abuse, he would have been a criminal a long time ago.

  • sara monk

    How bad is this? Health Insurance is better on the inside than out? Wake up America to Obama!

    • noname

      So you are saying it is Obama’s fault that the government runs better healthcare in the prisons than private companies on the outside. I think he would take that as a compliment

      • notnoname

        and by “run,” of course, I mean “forcibly remove” resources to allocate as he see’s fit..

    • Yirmin Snipe

      Yep…. the best solution would be to make prisons a living hell… then people would do all they can to do the right thing and stay out of prison… instead they have it better than the people outside.

      • Nativo13

        You know who goes to Federal prisons – politicians and white collar criminals such as Bernie Madoff
        that alone explains the egg nog and goodie bags etc.
        Club Fed for the politicians & white collar criminals, and race-war gang Hell for the 99%.

      • JD

        Equally disturbing is the level of medical & dental care that illegal aliens receive in detention centers. Recently I spoke with a woman who works at one and she swore that the medical care the illegals are receiving is on a par with that of our Congressmen.

      • GreenSweeper

        I’ve worked in a federal penitentiary, believe me when I tell you you would be disgusted to see the level of healthcare they receive. First time I went into the medical department it blew me away, I have never seen such nice new, modern equipment as what it was stocked with, better then the local hospitals! Don’t get me started on the flat screen tv’s, computers and personal neo machines we, the taxpayers pay for. Christmas bags, eggnog and cookies for all on Christmas eve, disgusted me enough to quit.

      • Notwhatit'scrackeduptobe

        Sowhen was the last time you were in federal prison? The reality varies according to the institution so GreenSweeper’s experience is not necessarily representative of the entire system. My experience is that the last place in the world you would want to be sick is within a federal prison because the staff generally holds the same attitude as Yirmin Snipe and GreenSweeper–modern equipment doesn’t matter if the institution is not staffed with personnel that is both able and willing to provide care. Your attitude might be different if someone you knew suffered because staff was too lazy to help them.

  • george

    A former cop in federal prison? Wow, he’s gonna be a popular guy among his cellmates.

    • Matilda

      >Hi Kim. I do not have access to the stats’ to dtircely answer your question, but I do know that low-cost gyms are having success in attracting first-time gym users. They are definitely gym novices, but may not be new to exercise.In terms of low-cost members purchasing personal trainers, I was quite surprised by what some members were telling me during the interview part of my report. Some were using the ‘saving’ in the low monthly membership fee to ‘invest’ in personal training. They were re-distributing how they chose to spend the gym-related charges.unkin

    • Mark

      Federal prisons are often not particularly dangerous in comparison with general prisons.

  • martif

    obviously a leftist wrote this. wheres his cadillac health plan and pension and overtime?

    def a lot more to this story, but what would the “journalist” care. this obama big govt propoganda.

    go cbs…..keep hiring “journalists”

    • Shaniqua

      Lol…CBS has a left-wing bias? No kidding!
      Add to that roster NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, NY Times, LA Times, Newsweek…etc. – you get the idea.

  • Jean Poole

    Who are getting the heath care benefits in federal prisons? Show us the breakdown Obama.

    • Paul

      I’m now retired, but when working at a Federal prison in Floence Colorado, the gov. paid out more than $450000.00 (almost a half a Million) for open heart surgery on a Cuban National that eventually we’re going to deport back to Cuba. There’s your money hard at work for ya!

      • Scott

        Got one better than that…When I was working Death Row in AZ, we had a inmate getting the full Chemo therapy treatment for his cancer.

  • martif

    well now he can get his free sex change and you can go work for it.

    cbs propoganda…keep shillin for the communist.

    cause you know everyone has a right to a govt job they can check and check out and never be fired from and not measured on their productivity or contributions…you get a govt house even if you have no downpayment and a history of credit risk. you get your govt insurance so its rationed and the same level as doctors in cuba….you get your govt education which is basically hate bush its all his fault, in gym class, soically promoted to a degree where you have no skills anyone wants, but youve learned to blame whitey and the evil rich…not your lack of knowledge or desire to work hard…after all you were born…the us govt owes it to you

    go obama!!!! and cbs!!!!

    • Nativo13

      “Behind every great fortune there is a crime.”

    • dwstick

      CBS………………………..See BS.

      • Justin

        Hey Joel I didn’t know it was bring your kids to the pool day! (I know we are dorks) but how funny that was sort of a picture of tgnihs to come! And yes you and your sister make some pretty cute little kiddos!

  • Nativo13

    Before social security old people either lived with their kids or died in the streets.
    Yayhoo “Christian” Republicans miss the good ole days

    • Dstones

      You hit the nail on the head, and you don’t even know it because your thumb was in the way.

      America once had a sense of Christian family values, and everyone looked out for everyone else.

      Under the Politicists (Dems and Repubs), everyone is a ward of the uncaring State, as long as it benefits the social elite, meaning those in power, not you and me.

    • Christian Independent

      Or maybe, just maybe they took personal responsibility and planned retirement instead of running to the government for coverage…

      • USArmyCombatMedic

        @Nativo: If a person outlives their savings, one of two things have occurred:

        1) They didn’t enough to begin with
        2) They were living above their means, which negates the purpose of financial planning to begin with.

        In either case, not my fault. So why should I (as a taxpayer) be forced to pay for their ineptitude?

      • Nativo13

        Christian Independent

        Are you aware of how the 401k rules work?
        A while back Color Tiles in Fort Worth made the news; Their 401k was set up such that the only thing a person could purchase in the 401k plan was Color Tile stock. That arrangement is still common with small to medium size companies.
        Color Tiles went bankrupt. All 401ks went to zero. Sometimes a company will tell employees that it is borrowing the 401k money and the companies will go bankrupt. 401ks values go to zero. The GOVERNMENT sets the rules.
        Originally the 401k was introduced to supplement retirement. It was originally 1 of the legs on the 3 legged stool, as Financial Planners put it. In the Clinton-Gingrich 1990s the government allowed the companies to say that their pension funds were over funded. A lie, but Clinton-Gingrich accepted that stuff. Soon companies were raiding & replacing the pension funds, “Defined Benefit” with the swindler “Defined Contribution: and the 3 legged stool of SS, 401k, and pension became a 2 legged stool – 401k and SS. Praise Bob! USA- the best government money can buy! Personal Responsibility, honesty,is a joke to our mafia-government!

      • Stormbringer

        Public employees have pensions. You don’t “outlive” pensions. Most police departments have a full retirement at 20 years of service (depending on age). Something happened to this guy at 15 years that led to him leaving the job and he apparently had no job waiting. Very strange. You are correct when you say that people should prepare for their retirement but there is something else going on with this guy. It is great that he has the nanny state as a backup plan. Just keep paying your taxes and the govenment will make certain all prisoners have cadillac healthcare available.

      • Cindy

        What is enough? The numbers keep moving, game keeps changing. Being humble is a blessing for those of you that are so harsh. The best plans can collapse tomorrow.

      • Nativo13

        Yayhoo “Christian” Republicans…our Pharasees
        Haven’t you heard of people out living their savings
        It’s all the rage now on financial television.
        Is $1million enough for retirement?
        Is $2million enough for retirement?
        Is $3million enough for retirement?
        Will inflation rip through a lifetimes savings;
        Will you live to be 150 years old, then die in the street?

    • Richard Smith

      So, tell me…when does it become my responsibility to provide a living for you, my lefty liberal friend?

      • Nativo13

        Before social security old peolpe either lived with their kids or they died in the streets.
        And the latest fad in Personal Financial Planning is:
        “Will You Out Live Your Cash if You Live to Be 150 Years Old?”
        Most people run out of savings by their 80s
        Alot of people expect hyper-inflation in the next few years
        So, tell me…when does it become your kids’ responsibility to provide a living for you, my Yayhoo “Christian” friend?

      • Nativo13

        Richard Smith
        You know that in Athens, during the Classical period,
        if a parent taught his child a trade, then the child was legally required to take care of his aged parent;
        if a parent did not teach his child a trade, then the child was NOT legally responsible to tale care of his parents.
        Therefore, unless it is written into law that a child take care of his aged parents, then it is NOT his responsibility. Just like in “Christian” society.

    • USArmyCombatMedic

      If an elderly person chooses to forego planning for their retirement in lieu of spending all their money early, I don’t mind if they “die in the streets”. Most financial planners say you should have a percentage equal to your age in cash; the rest should be in investments. (Ex. 45 yr old should have 45% of his assets in cash, with the remaining 55% in long-term investments). If you can’t afford that, and most cannot, then try to buy savings bonds or treasury notes whenever possible. It’s truly not that hard. I’m 25 years old, and 75% (give or take) of my assets are investments, both long and short term. I’m frugal, but not miserly. I simply choose to plan ahead (future child’s college, my retirement, child’s retirement), because that is more important than my current wants.

      I don’t need to continue to support those who choose not to support themselves. Oh, and I would never have a problem taking care of my parents in their old age. But that won’t happen, because they’ve planned for their retirement.

      Social Security will not be around to support me when I reach retirement age. So I haven’t planned on it. SocSec funds are drying up quickly, and the Payroll Tax Cut extension is only making matters worse. If you don’t know what I mean by that, you haven’t paid close enough attention. (Payroll taxes are another name for SocSec taxes, and are the main funding source for Social Security. Having people pay less into SocSec means there will be less available for others to take out).

      People need to wake up from this entitlement coma, and actually plan things for themselves.

      • Nativo13

        I’ve heard talk about the coming changes to military pensions. 2 monstrous changes are on the way: 1. the pull out and rif-ing of troups from Iraq will be so great that it will cause the unemployment rate to go back up before the election; and 2. the national debt coupled with the retirement of the Boomers will require massive tax increases and will squeeze a lot out of program,s especially the military. The first place the Brass talk about cutting is the VA and pensions. They talk about replacing all defined benefit pensions with 401k lump sums. The cuts dealing with military benefits are the easiest.

      • JMWinPR

        Sounds good, you seem to have what it takes……..you’re military pension is under attack. When I enlisted, I was told I could use any VA Hospital no pay. Well after 28 yrs over a 40 yr period that isn’t quite the case anymore. As for your investments, USAA is very good, but you are far too young to be invested in a “qualified” plan.
        There are too many uncertainties between now and 65. Especially as the military is going to subjected to a very large “piece dividend” if you catch my drift. As for children, don’t have any. As for my parents they were well taken care of.
        Oh, and as for the theme of this story, this perp is going to get real drugs, not the generic junk you issue.

      • Nativo13

        the current rate of inflation is 5%;
        but, the crooked way that the CPI is calculated means that official inflation is 2%;
        are you sure that you want to advise people to buy savings bonds or US treasuries that are less than the rate of inflation plus having to pay capital gains on top of that? That sounds pretty…silly
        high quality corporates are getting 8% ;
        Be aware: the top 3 causes of bankruptcy in the USA are divorce, loss of employment, and family medical catastrophes…
        Good luck with your life; I’m sure your parents won’t be too much of a burden when their money runs out…except for the medical expense part.

      • Nativo13

        25 years old and so seen-it-all
        yet you are not old enough to have seen the Personal Financial fads come and go when they fail to pan out.
        College tuition and medical insurance premiums have been rising at 15% per year for the last 10 years; (Rule of 72 means that college tuition & medical insurance premiuns have each quadrupled in 10 years. You can extrapolate).
        Is the current stock market the real thing, even though the volume is “Light”, that is, nobody trusts the “Flash Crash” market.
        Is it another “Pump and Dump”?
        The market is equal to what it was 10 years ago, and after factoring in 10 years of inflation, that means that it’s lost 30% of its value in constant dollars.
        Inflation and those rip-off mutual fund fees may leave you nothing at the end.
        I hope your companies don’t go out of business when you’re 56 years old during Great Depression III, as happened to some in the current Great Depression II. It makes a mockery of “Personal Responsibility” & “Personal Planning”. Personal Planning may provide a cushion for a while, but, most people have burned through their savings by the time they’re 80, according to Financial Planners So don’t get too smug.

  • bob

    I’m not buying this.. union boy with pension etc. etc. … I smell bull sheet.

  • Richard Smith

    When I was a police officer in a large city, homeless people would throw a brick through a store window and wait for the police, so they could have a warm place in jail with free health care, food and clothes. They will also fake heart attacks and call an ambulance to take them to a nice warm bed in a hospital.

  • guido

    I no longer trust or believe anything CBS, ABC, or NBC reports, NOTHING. They have earned my lack of trust over the years.

  • Midge Martin

    “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.” ~ Clarence Darrow

    ————- http://911essentials.com

  • freecheese

    Hmm ? Usually when a cop gets fired from one agency like the police department, he usually winds workig for a sheriff in another county. He must be a real loser.

  • Brian

    Didn’t he know that ObamaCare is on the way?

  • JC

    Most of these comments are from fools and losers. I have everything in retirement they don’t. A pension, health benefits, medicare and social security and cash.

    • Nativo13

      Sometimes a company will declare bankruptcy in order to void its contracts, such as getting rid of health benefits and reducing pensions for dead weight pensioners, Health benefits for retirees and pensions are sooo union-like.
      Because of the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act the USA will experience a Depression every generation as it did before the enactment of the Glass-Steagall Act. Companies will go bankrupt whether they want to or not.
      Plan on it. The bottom 99% are all losers in this situation.

  • Cathy

    Well, considering the fellow’s sentence, robbing a bank to live in federal prison and obtain prison heathcare worked. Interesting that robbing a bank only gets one put away for 5 years. Guess he’ll rob another bank as soon as he gets out to continue on the same path if he’s of a mind to… I do not see anyone stopping the guy from repeat offending. In fact, I would be surprised if the guy did not repeat offend.

  • Dawson

    A cop in prison. Somehow I don’t think his carefully laid plan will go exactly as he thinks.

  • Nativo13

    are you aware that the states have had monumental tax revenue shortfalls due to Great Depression II. These states are required to balance their budgets, soooo they have been firing policemen, teachers, firemen, etc. So far 100,000 teachers have been fired here in Texas and 300,000 teachers have been fired nationwide. A policeman with cancer would be a no-brainer for a Yayhoo”Christian” Republican to fire because his medical costs will increase the medical insurance premiums. Every few years there is an article in the paper about somebody robbing a bank in order to go to Federal prison for health care benefits. Here in Texas the illegals have more babies than in Mexico. The illegals say that it’s because it costs $200 in Mexico to have a baby, but in Texas it’s free. In Yayhoo “Christian”Republican ruled Texas illegals get free medical care. Yayhoo “Christian”Republicans love their cheap labor. Yayhoo “Christian”Republicans love the nanny state – for their illegal alienemployees.

    • Alexandra

      You didn’t answer the sianaptm question correctly, your comment was not saved. Press “Back” and answer the question better.Just to be sure that your message won’t be lost – copy it now to the clipboard. 搞得我很紧张来着.. 特地来留言测试一下下….果然..是啥子插件啊?压根都木有问题出来

  • http://www.patriotsteaparty.net/wordpress/archives/7757 Free: Room, Board, & Healthcare for Everyone!!
  • Jokey
  • Daniel Bryant

    I have been saying for some time jail is insufficiently harsh and there’s little disincentive to keep one from going…..especially the indigent.

    Bring back labor camps. Chain gangs and the like. There’s too much work to be done to put criminals on a ‘time out’ with benefits.

  • http://americanvisionnews.com/2000/former-cop-robs-bank-pleas-guilty-to-get-health-benefits-in-prison Former cop robs bank, pleas guilty to get health benefits in prison | American Vision News

    […] bank robbery—and that was the unemployed officer’s plan the whole time.CBS Atlanta reports,A former Columbus police officer admitted in court that he robbed a bank last year so he can get […]

  • tadchem

    Sounds to me like his plan worked.

  • Henry

    Obamacare in action, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

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