Atlanta residents sharing a bathroom with family or roommates know that it can be a frustrating situation. Bathrooms are one of the most commonly trafficked rooms in a home. Because everyone has their own rituals for grooming, difficulties arise when multiple people have to use a single space. Here are a few recommendations to make sharing a bathroom work without hassle.

Bathroom designs

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One of the easiest ways to keep the peace in a shared bathroom is with a collaborative design. Working together to style a bathroom not only ensures a unified aesthetic, but also reiterates that everyone’s opinion matters. Decide on bathroom accessories like soap dispensers and toothbrush holders that will work in your space. Switch Modern is a posh Atlanta store that offers contemporary items to help bring your interior into modernity.

Where to store it all

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Is your bathroom in need of more storage space? Anna’s Linens has affordable solutions to make sharing your bathroom much easier. A shower caddy, over-the-door hanger, and over-the-cabinet baskets are top items to minimize clutter while storing everyday toiletries. Assign shelving space equally among roommates so that everyone can utilize storage in your bathroom.

Clutter-free counters

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Sometimes a bathroom is simply not big enough for multiple people to use. When sharing a space, prevent the growth of clutter with mobile bath storage. The Container Store is a top resource for products to organize both your home and your life. Keep a small container full of essential bath items (e.g. toothbrushes, soaps, and shampoos) and bring it into the bathroom when needed. Countertops and other surfaces clear of mess will make your bathroom look fresh.

Keeping it clean

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Everyone has a different approach to cleanliness, so it is important to set up a few ground rules in a shared area. Create a bathroom cleaning schedule and assign each person with a task. This will not only help keep the bathroom looking nice, but also takes the burden off those who may clean more frequently than others. Binders Art Supplies has countless materials for those who are looking for a little more pizzazz. Use markers, glitter, and other supplies to make your schedule visible in your bath space.

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Stock up

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There are a few necessities that every bathroom needs. Toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning products are just some of the items that make your space functional and clean. Publix is a preferred supermarket in the Atlanta area with many locations to make shopping more accessible. Stock up on these items and watch inventory as shared spaces tend to consume products at a faster pace. Split costs among users for a more affordable solution.

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Tanvier Lee is a freelance contributor and lifestyle decorating expert. Her work can be found here.


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