A white teacher says Chicago public school officials and his black principal violated his civil rights when they suspended him for using the N-word in front of a classroom full of black sixth graders, according to a lawsuit.

According to NYDailyNews.com,Calling the incident a “teachable moment,” Lincoln Brown, 48, said he used the word in class at Murray Language Academy last October after he caught two girls passing a note with a rap lyric containing the slur, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
The social studies teacher said he was discussing the use of the word in the context of movies, music and books, including the novel “Huckleberry Finn,” when the principal, Gregory Mason, happened to walk in. “I asked them, ‘What would you feel if I used that word?’” Brown said. “I used the full word, but I didn’t address it to the students. I was very careful about that.”
Brown said Mason didn’t seem to have a problem with the discussion and stayed in the classroom for about 10 minutes. But two weeks later, Brown was told he would be suspended without pay for “using verbally abusive language to or in front of students” and “cruel, immoral, negligent or criminal conduct,” the Sun-Times reported.

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  1. Lance_Corporal says:

    Where has common sense gone? If the teacher were SCREAMING the word at the top of his lungs at the kid then yes, no question about it, suspend him!

    But if he was standing there discussing the word in a calm rational manner then we have a teaching moment.

    If the word is truly offensive, then blacks need to quit using it because lately it seems to be used as a tool.

  2. denise jangagully says:

    then he can use the f-word, c_nt word, and any other offensive word, if he speaks it in a calm manner, and use it at a teachable moment.!!? do you trust such a person to use the word appropriately? nope. if you must, IF, you must, the use the abbreviation of the n-word but not to carry-on a whole discussion. even if they, kids, use it etc., that’s not for this adult to decide for such a sensitive word. that’s for parents and once they’re adults to decide how to use it. not for this teacher to decide. there are just words you cannot use towards others, it’s not a freedom of speech issue. ie, there are words you can only use with you parents, your mother, your friends, your supervisor, etc…

    1. No-one OfConsequence says:

      Crybaby. If the black population desires to use the N-word in daily life, then they cannot be surprised nor outraged when someone else uses it as well. I think it’s a disgusting word and wouldn’t dream of using it. But I hear rap music blaring from cars, houses in my neighborhood, dropping the N-bomb like it’s no big deal. You want the N-word gone, address yourself to the people spraying it like their 9mm bullets. Not at a teacher who used a teachable moment to illustrate to his class how bad the word is.

      1. Texas born brother says:

        It’s not the black population………it is the select few ignorant individuals who are blinded by todays sad, defective cultural principles saying that the word is ok as long as it ends in “A” and not “ER”. Every black american knows this and wishes it goes away.

  3. Silliness says:

    Orwellian, isn’t it?

  4. Hooder says:

    More made-up BS.

  5. Texas born brother says:

    I am a black american and do not use the word as part of my vocabulary. I have never used the word and I teach my children the same. The way society has changed so drastically in a negative way, blinds the minds of the black youth and to them it seems “OK” to use it as long as it ends in “A” and not “ER”. I think the word should be banned, eliminated, and forgotten because it remains such a stain on todays culture. It is sad that this teacher thought that it was ‘OK’ to use this word whether it be for educational purposes or not….it is a racist word and will always be one until it dies away.

  6. From Chicago says:

    No one can offend or hurt you without your permission.

    Grow up over the “fill-in-the-blank”-word already!

    It’s about as fake an outrage as the Afghans are over the Koran burning.

    Find another direction to focus your energy.

  7. Frog says:

    OK; here’s how it works. A black man (or woman) who walks into a convenience store and blows the brains out of the attendant for a pack of cigarettes is a “the ‘N’ word.” A group of blacks who go into another convenience store and ravage the shelves stealing what they can are a “the ‘N’ word.” If the owner of the robbed convenience store happens to be black, he or she is a black person trying to make a living. A group of blacks who kills a newlywed couple (white OR black) after kidnapping and torturing them are a “the ‘N’ word.” The two black guys who stole the cellular phone of an elderly man and then pushed him onto the subway tracks are a “the ‘N’ word.’ If that elderly man happened to be black, he is “a very nice elderly black man who was assaulted by two “the ‘N’ word. “Please don’t kill me, I’m pregnant: Desperate teenager pleaded for her life before being fatally shot in head”: This is the title of a recent news item. Guess what? The “f..king” a “the ‘N’ word” killed her anyway, in cold blood. Oh, by the way, the girl was not only a pretty black girl, she had a 16-month-old son. She didn’t do anything to this creep; she just happened to be there. If white people do the same thing I can’t think of an equivalent word to describe them…that’s not MY fault. I wish there were such a term for white people who commit these types of atrocious crimes. “Cracker,” “honky,” “whitey,” just don’t cut it for me. So, I believe the context in which this teacher was “using” this word was appropriate. I’m just saying…

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