Amanda of Alexandria, Va. – a school teacher from Anne Arundel County – called our friends in Washington, D.C. to report on her once-in-a-lifetime Valentine’s Day dinner. She and her husband sat next to President Obama and the First Lady at the fancy Vermilion Restaurant in Alexandria, VA. They specialize in local farm grown food, so it’s a perfect spot for the health-conscious Michelle. Amanda dished on what the President drank, ate and what they discussed… Did he bring flowers for Michelle?

vermilion The Obamas Dine Out for Valentines Day   Meet the Couple Who Ate Next to Them!

Photo Courtesy: Vermilion Restaurant

According to Amanda, The First Lady ordered red wine and the President sipped a martini; they discussed Social Security. I guess the President really doesn’t leave his work at home and depends on his wife for advice! He wore a white shirt with a black blazer and no tie. There was not an exchange of flowers or gifts at the restaurant. He must have taken his own advice on “Going Big” with a gift earlier in the day or later that evening.

The Obamas have made it a habit to visit DC area restaurants for date nights. Past hot spots include Equinox, Georgia Brown’s, and Restaurant Eve. Check out the entire Valentine’s menu at Vermilion here. Where should they go next?


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