Marriage Is Not For Black People

On today’s Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques White, we celebrated Valentines Day by discussing the decline of black love. We addressed the issue of African-Americans optioning to stay single, and not get married.

Our special guest were  Latrese a 32 year professional woman who thinks black men are the reason for the decline in black love, and Professor Rick Banks of Stanford Law School, the author of the book “Is Marriage for White People?”

Take a listen as Lorraine and her guest discover the reasons why marriage is not popular amongst black people.

Marriage for Black People Part1:

Marriage for Black People Part2:

Marriage for Black People Part3:

Marriage for Black People Part4:

Marriage for Black People Part5:

Marriage for Black People Part6:

Marriage for Black People Part7:


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  • K.L.

    Nicole you were right on point about Latrece, LOL! She has dramatically slimmed her chances of a man ever marrying her by having 4 kids by 3 different men, and yes she does need to use birth control. What man will ever take her seriously? I hate to judge people, and I am sure she is a good mother, but after one child out of wedlock, isn’t that enough to close your legs tight, and keep them closed until you get that ring and walk down that isle? It’s hard enough out here as a single person without children trying to find commitment, but no man is going to walk into a situation like that unless he is truly truly special and willing to help raise 4 children and deal with 3 different dads. At some point as a woman you have to take responsibility for your actions, and realize the choices you make as a young woman just may ultimately hurt you in the long run.

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