Are Record Labels To Blame For The Death Of Black Stars

With the loss of artists like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson as well as other celebrities coming out about their past addictions, such as Wendy Williams, should we hold the entertainment industry accountable for enabling these artists and celebrities? Click below to hear the clip from singer Chaka Khan, as she blames the industry for the demise of black stars.

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    […] banDeputy placed on leave after Alabama bar fightResidents chase down, hold wanted man for policeAre Record Lables The Blame For The Death Of Black StarsWith the lost of artist like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson; as well as other celebrities […]

  • madear

    i truly say thank you chaka for your honesty you are right so many lives have been ruied by the record company in natalie coles storinvested to much money in her people open your heart and eyes and call them out . thanks chaka

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