ATLANTA (WAOK)-The victim of a vicious beating outside of a neighborhood convenience store on Saturday said he hadn’t planned to report the attack to police, however after learning a video taken of the beating had been posted on the internet Brandon White changed his mind.

White met with the media today and told his story with a determination to bring the attackers to justice.

Brandon White was attacked as he and another man left the store at 1029 McDaniel Street but only White was beaten.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the beating as a hate crime since several mentions of White being gay were uttered during the attack.

Atlanta police and federal authorities have seen the video taken by someone who was with the three teens when they attacked White.  Additional surveillance video showed the group of teens suspected to be members of the 1029 Jack City gang in the Pittsburgh area of Atlanta actually laying in wait for White to leave the store.

White told reporters and community leaders today he does not want to be the victim and no one else should be a victim of such treatment because of their lifestyle.  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says he is not going to tolerate the beating.

Brandon White says he has moved from the Pittsburgh neighborhood because of the attack.  Crime Stoppers is offering $11 thousand for information leading to the arrest of the culprits. Neighborhood leaders say they are working with city officials to shut down the convenience store.

Comments (4)
  1. Gerry from Lville says:

    How is shutting down the legitmate business going to help? The community leaders need to be stomped too!

    1. jean103 says:

      To Gerry
      The neighborhood residents say the store has been a location where loitering many times leads to trouble. They feel the store owner should do more to keep his location “loiter free.” And let’s not forget that the store owner didn’t even call police to report the beat down.

  2. Ken says:

    Atlanta……..this is definately not a good look. Business, personal or otherwise. Time for your Mayor to go into PR Mode and tighten his vision up. Curtis said, ” that if there’s a h#ll below…we’re all gonna go”. True dat.

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