On  today’s Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White,  we tackled the world-wide debate of people being born as a homosexual.  Are people born gay?  This has been a very heated debate across America, many people believe that homosexuality is a choice, and there is no possibility of an individual being born to identify themselves as the opposite sex.

Our special guest were Dr. Xavier McCaskey from the Atlanta Mental Health Examiner, and Corey a transgendered young man who lives his life as a woman.  Corey feels that although he is a man, he was born a woman.  Dr. McCaskey, and many of the Powertalk listeners disagreed with Corey’s perspective, and feel that homosexuality is a choice.

Take a listen as Lorraine Jacques-White and her guest try to find an answer to this controversial debate.

Born Gay Part 1:

Born Gay Part 2:

Born Gay Part 3:

Born Gay Part 4:

Born Gay Part 5:

Born Gay Part 6:

Born Gay Part 7:

Born Gay Part 8:






Comments (2)
  1. porsha says:

    I seriously believe that most not all gay people are born that way- to be naturally attracted to the same sex. As far as going back to my elementary school days as well as highschool days, i knew who was gay, it was just there about them. In the way they talked, the way they walked, and the way they dressed. The gay young girl would always wear as much male gear as she could, and had a look that was anti- feminine. And the males always had feminine like tendencies. Today a lot are just doing it because it has become more accepted, but some do not have a choice, they were born that way, and i personally do not see anything wrong with it…… whats wrong is the men PRETENDING to be straight, then indulging in gay relationships while having wives or significant others, and you will be surpised what so called straight black men are sneaking around with gay men that are openly gay.

  2. Johnny says:

    Are you sure the guy that you keep referring to as “Dr. McCaskey” is a real doctor. If so, he should think about having his license to practice renewed. His way of think is very archaic and quite frankly juvenile. The whole idea that people are trangender because of their upbringing or because they were molested is rediculous. Even more rediculous is the idea that being gay is somehow a choice. My parents raised 7 kids (girls and boys). The only one that turned out gay was me. I was not molested and my mother did not force me to play with my sisters. It was just the opposite. I hung out with my male friends and had a pretty good life growing up. I don’t fit into any of his rediculous classifications.

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