Atlanta Jewish Times Publisher Steps Down Over Obama ‘Hit’ Column

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — The owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times resigned after fallout from his column on why Israel should assassinate President Obama.

According to an email obtained by the JTA, Andrew Adler announced he was “relinquishing all day-to-day activities effective immediately.”

Jerry Farkas, office manager for the Jewish Times, told CBS Atlanta that everyone is “saddened” by what happened.

“It’s a hard thing,” Farkas told CBS Atlanta. “We feel like we’re fighting fires.”

In a Jan. 13 column Adler wrote for the Jewish Times about Israel’s options to head off a nuclear Iran, he suggested that Israel “give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place.

“Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence,” Adler wrote in his column. “Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?”

Jewish organizations were appalled by what Adler wrote, quickly condemning him and the paper.

“While we acknowledge his public apology and remorse, the damage done to the people of Israel, the global Jewish people and especially the Jewish community of Atlanta is irreparable,” the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta said in a statement to CBS Atlanta. The group also stated it is suspending its relationship with the Jewish Times.

The Secret Service is now investigating Adler over his comments, CNN reports.

  • BigBoa

    He should have just made a movie, like the marxists did about Bush,,,,,,

    • Deb

      I agree! Obama has done nothing but suck up to our enemies and put our allies in harms way. I can’t believe the Jewish people voted for Obama….they might want to think twice next year.

      • rodypooh

        Except kill bin laden…

      • Daniel

        Im not a fan of Obama, but this notion that he is anti Israel is so ridiculous. We still send $3 billion in aid every year to Israel. And we are still very biased against the Palestinians.

      • Jim Hampton

        We send money to Israel because you A-Holes keep voting for a PUPPET instead of a PRESIDENT!

      • klg1956

        Not when Susan Power has anything to do with it…she’s over there trying to get the Palestinians armed for the Palestinian/ Israel war, she’s pro Palestinian and pro Gaza Flotilla, she’s a radical and is the “real” Secretary of State. She has Obama’s ear and attention and she is also Cass Sunstein’s wife.

      • Corey

        Obama has SURROUNDED himself with dual-citizen Israeli Zionists everywhere you look….cabinet, czars, presidential envoys, presidential “advisors”, his new Supreme court appointees, virtually EVERY appointment he makes. The Pentagon and especially Air Force is FULL of them. The Bush/Clinton criminal cabal and THEIR bosses the Rockefellers/Rothschilds are Obama’s puppetmasters, along with Zbig Bzezinski and Soros.

      • klg1956

        Sorry, Samantha Power.

      • ricardo maxwell

        Well the proof is is the facts. Haven’t you seen how he treats Israel and its representatives? or are you living under a rock?

      • YoursTruly

        Did you know that one third of US Foreign Aid goes to Israel and Egypt, yet neither is a “developing” country? See for yourself


    • Be preemptive

      Secrets of the Temple

      Shanda Said It

      Goy Gonna Find Out, SHHH

      Or maybe, Beyond the Pale

      Great names for your movie?

    • bill mcneal

      “obama or AMERICA you can’t have both!!!!!!!!

    • thefhaloanguy

      You are so right. Libs can get away with saying pretty much of anything. They advocated the assassination of GWB and that was OK. The terrible things they said , the so called ‘comedians” who won approval on stage, etc. This guy should have promoted this idea as a movie script. Then that’s OK.

  • stopthe

    what’s the problem? This is speech. Who is threatened by it?

    If someone says something silly, then you ignore him. However if he says something provocative that worries you because it might eventually result in action… then of course, you’re offended, insecure, and you demand an apology and resignation.

    This means that the outcome here suggests that this idea is taken more seriously – and by more serious people – than the elite would have us believe.

    • Kip Noxzema

      Explain how assassinating a president can be taken as “silly”, and then I’ll actually listen to you.

      • phil

        Agreed. I too, have refused to discuss such an idea. Friends have made statements alluding to same, even over the phone!!! I understand that this President is the most divisive in history. I understand that he is the most under-qualified, least capable, least vetted, dangerous to liberty, spendthrift, in modern Presidential history, yet….I believe this is why we have ELECTIONS. Open and fair elections are what sets apart The U.S. from every other country on earth. We ARE NOT ITALY, who changes leaders at every other public whim. We DO NOT burn The Capital Building, and destroy property to make our statements. (well…Occupy is the exception)
        The Owner and Publisher was a fool. Stop buying his rag, stop advertising in his rag, and the guy will go back in the hole he came from. Don’t tolerate people who advocate the murder of anyone. You want to change things? Vote.

      • adfs

        you obviously already listened, how could you only listen after he explained it and yet have heard his explanation? and most importantly who gives a rat’s arse what you think or would feel compelled to meet your conditions for validation of their opinion? Lost a lot of lunch money as a kid didn’t you?

      • miked


    • i P Standing

      not to bright are you or is it deliberate

      • rodypooh

        Yeah, because there is nothing more treasonous and traitorous than advocating the leader of YOUR country be assassinated by another country. If you agree with this you hate the president and you clearly hate america! And I wont stand by you cowards who desecrate the sanctity of the office or the will of the people.

      • Deb

        There should also be a question mark at the end of the sentence. Did you go to public school?

      • stazz

        Probably bright enough to know th difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’.

      • Steven H Ahle

        rodypooh , I thought calling for a hit on Obama was crazy but calling him a leader is just simply nuts

      • nifongnation


        Desecrate the sanctity of the office? Consecrate is a religious belief giving sacredness to an office. How can liberals, who swear on the Bible, while desecrating the Bible, be believed? The religious test does not include hypocrisy and applies only to Christian denominations. With Obama in the office, there cannot be desecration, as there is no consecrated area under the feet of a mamaluke liberal.

      • Hawkeye

        Ummm…You should have written, not “too” bright.
        Even a fool will appear wise if he keeps his mouth shut.

      • johnD

        He’s a lot brighter than you, fool. At least he can spell.

      • Nice water heater

        Obama is the traitor. He is working against everything that made America great, and for everything that caused the Soviet Union to collapse.

      • jbspry

        Punctuation, people – we’re losing the language here!

      • Alice Ramirez

        “If you agree with this you hate the president and you clearly hate america! ” The two are not necessarily mutually-inclusive.

      • Bill Konrad

        Try sitting.

      • Peter Courtenay Stephens


    • Nate

      This man is under fire for suggesting the assassination of a U.S. President. If you think that’s okay, there is something wrong with you. It doesn’t matter who the president is or whether you agree with him or not, he’s the president of our country, and to suggest that he be assassinated, or to expect the secret service and any halfways intelligent person to not take you seriously or at least condemn you for being completely moronic, is just plain asinine.

      You may not like Obama, but if you have any respect for this country, any at all, you would condemn this man for what he’s said.

      • Don Schreiber

        Next time, let’s elect a president who respects and loves this country, not someone who pals around with an unrepentant terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and attempted to murder and maim US soldiers, or sat in a “church” for 20 years and listened to hate-filled, rascist, and anti-American sermons while his fellow parishioners cheered.

        That said, no one should threaten, or suggest in any way the assassination of a duly elected official, even someone as repugnant as our current president, just vote him out next time and be done with it.

        If we don’t, we’ll get the government we deserve.

      • Bill Konrad

        Wasn’t there some talk of assassinating Bush. I guess that’s OK if it’s a Republican.

    • David

      The problem is this is an American who promotes a public newspaper who is influentially advocating the assasination of a U.S president. Of course, the Secret Service is looking at this guy. Anybody of such public influence that says this in his newspaper is a serious problem.

    • gene tillock

      yep sad to say i bet you’d change your tune and shut down this freer speech immediately if i suggested just the opposite and said let an american agent dressed up as an arab agent assasinate the duly freely elected free speecher president of israel for his freer speech media in order to have sudden peace with all the arab states and majority in that region

    • Muck

      he is sending a signal to israeli spies within u.s.a.,to assassinate the president of the united states! bottom line! he is a traitor! By the way i can’t stand obama and i am voting ron paul. But the article is a death penalty serious offense. Only thing i can’t stand more than obama, is israeli spies.

      • Muck

        You have to realize he said to a president deemed unfriendly to israel he never said obama.. so in turn this is a threat on any and all future presidents as well

      • DANTCAM


    • Reality Check

      It would have been nice if they had actually shown us the article rather than a mixture of spin about what it said and incomplete sentences cherry picked from the article.

    • Charlie Thomas

      Another Psy-ops orchestrated event. The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

    • StuPedasso

      So, what most of you are saying, is that it is not ok for someone to make a statement such as this regarding the sitting president????
      What about all the calls to assassinate GW Bush?
      What about the movie to assassinate GW Bush?
      All the posters and banners at anti-war events??
      Where were you and your bright indignation then???
      Thought so.

    • Lee

      I wouldn’t have advocated what this writer did, in his column about Obama. That having been said, Obama no longer represents the will of the American majority, and has not for most of his very pathetic presidency, now. He’s a result of the electorate in November of 2008 — the dynamics of which simply no longer exist. He doesn’t speak for me or the American majority. This country wants him out. As Hillary Clinton said, dissent is patriotic — and we no longer want that man in our White House (yes, OUR White House…it’s taxpayer-owned!). Quite honestly, I do not know how one could be patriotic and yet SUPPORT Obama, who truly hates the USA. He’s a bad man, with an indecipherable past and a terrible legacy. He’s got to go. Even if the eventual GOP candidate is no one to scream about, Obama has GOT to GO.

  • Reality

    Nothing will happen.

  • M. Henson

    The original quote is this:

    “Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.”

    Mr. Adler either believes or knows there are US-based Mossad agents stationed in the US ready, willing, and able to assassinate the President.

    It’s understandable the global Jewish community is upset about “the damage done to the people of Israel”. Mr. Adler let the cat out of the bag.

    • nomorewaryouprats

      “…and forcefully DICTATE that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.”

      That’s the money shot in the published(!) threat issued by this Z-grade political pornographer, the despicable idea that the goyim American taxpayer and soldier exists to fight and finance Israel’s wars of conquest. This supremacist strain of thought is nothing new, however. The day of the 9/11 attacks on America, when asked for his reaction during a live filmed interview, the first thing Netanyahu said was how the atrocity was “good for Israel.” What an awful, unpardonable thing to say. An aside–Netanyahu’s buddies, the billionaire Adelsons just dumped another $5 million dollars into Newt’s SuperPac, the same Newt who is forcefully contesting the Republican Primaries in order among other things to help the Jewish state obliterate its enemy Iran with American treasure and, presumably, American soldiers.

      Who told the imbecile Adler it would be a good idea to call for the assassination of a sitting American President? Even more astounding is the thunderous silence of our major media and our Justice Department on this story. Their reluctance to report upon and prosecute this man Adler is as telling as the threat itself. Message received Israel, you shall have your grubby little war on Persia, as you have had your grubby little wars on all your other neighbors.

      Dual loyalty much, Adler?

      • sharinlite

        There are times when in my posts I end up with an unintelligable post…much like nomorewarsyouproats…..I mark it off as too much emotion, usually, in my case, frustration…but in the above case feels like hatred……….

      • Shab Basgoy

        “Dual loyalty much, Adler?”

        You know that dual means “two” right? What two countries are you talking about? Israel, sure, that’s one. I don’t see loyalty to another country indicated.

      • nomorewaryouprats

        (Ariel)sharOnlite– other than calling me an emotionally unmoored hater do you have anything at all of substance to say about what I have posted? Or are you just another hasbara troll? How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

        Shab–“dual” was used rhetorically, i.e. I am fully cognizant that Mr. Adler’s “passionate attachment” is decidely one-sided.

    • America First

      They may be willing, but that doesn’t mean they’re able. It’ll cost the them far more to assasinate Hussein, than to bide their time for 10 months. The fat that they’re talking this this way is despicable. They’re costing us a fortune, already.

    • gb

      Second part of this that is crazy is Joe is insurance against all attacks. We all know it.

  • Jerry Frey
    • GFM2012

      Not very influential. I think he is the anti-Christ.

      • dfgsdfg

        You dolt, the Bible indicates a direction not a location. Perhaps you should read it and pray for enlightenment.

      • BeauW

        If you do, in fact believe in an Anti-Christ, then you better read your Bible…the Anti-Christ should arise from within Europe.

      • Emmett Wiggins

        BeauW, we really don’t know where obammi was born, now do we?

    • algoa456

      Given what he is doing to the US I think he is the anti-Christ. There can be no other explanation why a heretofore rational people should suddenly up and vote for a dolt like Obama with less experience of running things than the local corner store operator.

      He must of hypnotized everyone.

      So this is how America declines: not with a bang, but an Obama.

      • Chuck

        I mean really, really, that is the level of discourse we are willing to have, whether the president is a closet muslim, or whether he was born in the US, or whether he is the anti-christ. Am I really in the USA oram I in some third world country?? I take that back, I am from a thrid world country and we are much more civilized than that. You guys are a f***ing disgrace, not just to the US but to humanity on a whole. This is the bigotry I do not have to deal with in smaller less developed countries. IT’S A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME! And by the way you guys call yourselves christians?? Christ would be disgusted with you. I can’t believe christians are filled with so much hate!!!

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  • Miguel

    Apparently Freedom of Speech is dead in Jewish circles.

    Does anyone think that European governments, Middle Eastern governments, Chinese governments, African governments, Latin American governments, Asian governments do not have such plans inside their secret services?

    • M. Henson

      To you, this is a freedom of speech issue and you believe Jews are being denied their right to freedom of speech in America.

      Okay, let’s try this.

      I propose the CIA assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so the United States won’t go to war with Iran.

      • Miguel

        Under Obama the US CIA has is so gutted that your scenario couldn’t possibly happen, but Iran;s government gunmen have already assassinated one of our big government agents and dumped his body in a dumpster. The Mossad could return the favor very quickly if it needed to.

        Yo remind me of the Spaniards in 1588. War with Iran’s totalitarian government is inevitable, but not a war with the great and noble Persian people. Don’t be such a lemming.

      • ffgsdfgdf

        wow was that supposed to be some sort of point? More like Jim Henson you sock puppet

      • Vicky Bevis

        Flawed logic. Iran hasn’t publicly repeated several times of their plan to “wipe us off the face of the earth.”

      • Mark

        And Israel has repeated many times that if they are attacked with nuclear bombs, THEY will take the WHOLE WORLD down with them. So….why haven’t all their NUKES been INSPECTED, like the REST of the world’s?

  • Gigler

    They probably do but none of their governments are as hated as the Israeli government around the world. Do you have any ideal what could happen in the United States against Jewish people if we learned our president was harmed by Israel? The consequences could be worse than Iran hitting Israel with a NUKE!

    • Be preemptive

      People came home in shock at the stupidity of WWI, but did nothing.
      People still fell for the same tricks WWII.

      People know big newspapers lie and get their sons murdered in war, but they do nothing.

      Remember the Maine. Oops hull blown out.
      Remember the Lucitania. Oops stocked with munitions and dupes.
      Remember Pearl Harbor. Oops we broke Jap code and knew they were coming.
      Remember the Liberty. The what?

      Nothing will change. People love being suckers and cannon fodder for the international big bankers and their ilk.

      Israel can do no wrong, it’s in the cards. Others pay the price with their blood.

      • sharinlite

        WOW! No love here about anything or anyone!

  • ghilmeini

    What Adler did was inexcusable and hurt the Jewish people in every way. The enemies are Ahmadinejad and Khameini.

    Obama has no idea what he is doing but he is not evil incarnate.

    • Deb

      Make no mistake, Obama knows exactly what he is doing.

    • Hedley Lamar

      Really? Some of think he is.

    • Gigler

      No THEY ARENT !!!! But if you live in and love ISrael they. America couldn’t careless but the sorry politicians suck dollars from the American JEwry to remain in power. Israel needs to fight its own battles without help from the United States and they would knock their nonsense off.

    • Mark

      As far as I’m concerned, ISRAEL is the enemy. Too much American blood and American money has been spilled defending the leeches. They snipe our troops for political reasons, and are just plain deceitful about EVERYTHING they do. All their agents in top-level Federal government positions are told to turn over info they come across in their job to ISRAEL. In effect, they are SPIES and loyal to Israel, NOT the U.S. Why do we allow ANY dual-citizens to occupy ANY government position?

  • Hedley Lamar

    Well, you can blame someone for having dreams but some dreams need to be kept to yourself.

  • KosherD

    Adler’s comments feed the global Jewish conspiracy nutbagss and encourage people to question the loyalty of American Jews and the long standing relationship between the two nations.

    Mr. Adler what were you thinking? How could these comments even come close to being useful? I dont know Tom Clancy, but you sir are no Tom Clancy.

    Stick to writing about Bar Mitzvahs and Recipes for Latkes.

    • Stepp

      We do n ot need your Mr. Adler to think 2x about Jews is America. We have the attack on the USS Liberty, we have you spying on the US 24/7 and selling our Tech to RED China and the USSR. We have Mossad people ALL over 911. We have more things on our minds than you might think. And yes we are thinking about YOU.

  • Dave Infinger

    This man needs to be in Jail. I hope the Secret Service beats his miserable ass for making such a suggestion. Do I agree with Obama? No, not even a little bit but he is still my President and as my President he deserves to not have nuts suggest that Mossad hurt our President.

    What was he trying to do, plant the idea in the minds of some misfits who can barely talk. This should be taken serious and I hope an example is made out of him. His Newspaper, and I use the word newspaper loosely, should be closed down and anyone caught reading it should be put on the no fly list.

    • No more blame game

      This was a rare glimpse. Remember this moment. Mr. Adler should be thanked for opening an honest dialog on Israel and USA relations.

      He proved that Israel and the Jews are not helpless and innocent bystanders. They are capable and fully in control.

      Jewish groups could not run to do damage control faster than they did. The ADL response was faster than the speed of light that has now been discovered.
      They made Adler step-down from his own paper he purchased. They made him quickly exit the scene. He is in exile, living beyond the pale now.

      Notice how quick the Jewish groups were to mention the harm Mr. Adler did to Jews and Israel. That is the reason some think he should go to jail, because he harmed the Jews and let the secrets of the temple out. Adler must be punished because he failed, “was it good for the Jews?”

      Don’t hide from this, let’s talk about it. We can work it out if we are willing to be honest and not point fingers at other groups.

      • Steve

        You are correct. I am a Jew, and I can do the following things: control the weather, topple governments, assassinate saviors, and fight germs which may cause bad breath.

    • Vicky Bevis

      So much for “free speech,” as repudnant as this is. Generally the S.S. just interviews individuals making incendiary comments about the President, & after determining that it is NOT a real threat, let them go with a warning. My best friend’s husband worked for the S.S.

      I lived through the Kennedys & MLK assassinations & believe me, it is something our country does NOT want to go through again. But another way to look at these veiled threats is to at least know what those who would threaten the security of our country are up to in their affaires. This goes for the KKK, White Supremists, & even the Black Panthers & the Nation of Islam.

      • Mike

        Typical jew reply, always throw hitler or white supremecists into the mix, do the world a favor and die off already.

  • Robertf

    Mr. Adler’s unfortunate comments do not fall within the bounds of free speech if he actually advocated the killing of the President. He should be investigated by the Secret Service, as to whether his comments were rhetorical, or actually were advocating violence.
    As to Mr. Obama, I agree that he is the most anti-Israeli President in history! His closest rivals being Presidents Nixon, and Carter-both of whom had strong anti-Semitic feelings.
    The Israeli government would never consider such an action, as it is ethically and morally repugnant, and it would be suicidal for the life of the Jewish State.

  • harvad

    the saddest part is the repugs would defend them for doing it.

    • Rich

      Hey dipsh!t, Jews vote democrat. Jews are democrats.

      • Bill Konrad

        I never could understand that.

  • Corey

    QUOTE: “It’s a hard thing,” Farkas told CBS Atlanta. “We feel like we’re fighting fires.” Kind of makes a BIG MOCKERY out of congress’ standing ovation to Netanyahu’s speech that, “ISRAEL doesn’t NEED Americans to fight our wars.”
    Well, then….why would it be necessary to murder ANOTHER American president (besides JFK) to put a VP in office who will do their bidding, i.e., send AMERICAN TROOPS and AMERICAN MONEY to fight their STUPID WAR-MONGERING WARS.
    For 50 yrs, we’ve brokered peace, but ISRAEL NEVER wanted peace; they want annihilation of the Palestinians and all their neighbors, also to pit Christians against Muslims. That’s why they blamed Muslims for 9/11 when it was the Israeli MOSSAD who did it, along with the Bush Admin to take us to WAR, orchestrated by dual-citizen Israeli Zionists in PNAC and thousands placed at the top levels of EVERY federal agency, the Pentagon, the think-tanks, State Dept, Defense board and “advisors”, Presidential “advisors” (what a joke on Americans). Their AIPAC run Congress with the $6 billion foreign aid we fork over every year…

    • America First

      That would go a long way to explaining why Washington takes it’s orders from Wall Street and not Main Street. Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, anyone? Before him, Alan Greenspan. Twenty years of ‘below market’ interest rates has left us(taxpayers) poorer, while a few and Isreal get richer on ‘bailouts’ and Foreign Aid.

    • Vicky Bevis

      “…………..That’s why they blamed Muslims for 9/11 when it was the Israeli MOSSAD who did it, ”

      Now that was really clever. How did the MOSSAD convince 19 Muslims to give up their lives for the benefit of Israel?

      • Mark

        The FBI already had photos of the so-called 9/11 perpetrators ready for the press IMMEDIATELY after 9/11. In addition, an untouched-by-fire passport was found in the ruble. TOO CONVENIENT! Most of those pictured are walking around Muslim countries alive and had nothing to do with 9/11. If you know ANYTHING about the Mossad, it’s that they blame OTHERS for their crimes.

        GOOGLE: Five Dancing Israelis

        PHOTO of Israli-owned Urban Moving Vans caught on D.C. bridge on 9/11

      • Mark

        9-11 Mossad ‘Mural Van’ – NYPD Police Radio (7 mins)

  • Corey

    The Pentagon orders, then salvages brand new airplane engines and parts to give Israel. They ROUTINELY ask for more military AID than was budgeted. THEY ARE LEECHES ON AMERICANS. Their Motto: “BY STEALTH, WE DO WAR”. Yes, that means they get Americans to fight their wars.

    The Israelis coaxed the Pentagon to send American troops to Israel this month for a huge EXERCISE. Israel intended to start the war with Iran as soon as our troops landed. Then America would be FORCED to fight Iran, AND PAY FOR IT WITH OUR BLOOD AND MONEY. Thank God, somebody with a brain stopped this so-called “EXERCISE”.

    • righturn

      It is true that many Billions have been funneled to Israel through our defense budget. One I knew of was fraudulently administered contracts with IMI and IAI for military hardware development.

  • furtive

    he said the first thing that came to mind.

    Freud would like that.

    He said what most jews think!!!

    better than exterminating, just remove the usurper as a fraud.

    watch your Judge Malihi’s recommendation on Thursday on the fraud of Barack Bari Soetoro Obama!!

  • trajan long

    Obama actually armed AlQaeda and taliban commanders in Libya, who are now taking power. The guy is a disaster.

  • Corey

    EVERY READER SHOULD KNOW THAT ISRAEL HAS TONS OF NUKES AND NONE HAVE BEEN INSPECTED. YET, THEY DON’T WANT IRAN TO HAVE ONE. Israel’s leaders have become insane in their hysteria for more wars on their neighbors. Iran has attacked no one; yet Israel’s Mossad has killed people all over the world disguised as Muslims and blaming every incident on others. They’ve sniped our soldiers to gin up hate against Muslims, and they’ve planted too-sophisticated-for-Iraq IED’s on our military vehicles. How many ISRAELI limbs have been blown off????

    • Frank

      Show me a person who thinks Iran having nukes is the same as Israel having them, or that Israel is the more dangerous of the two, I will show you a person whose brains are only kept in his body by his sphincter.

      • Stepp

        Frank – Iran diid not attack the USS Liberty – Jews did. Iran has not been caught spying on us 24/7 and selling our tech to RED China and the ex USSR – Jews have. Iran did not give our A Bomb to Stalin – Jews did. Iran did not run world Commies and kill 100’s of millions of people – Jews did. Iran has no finger prints ALL OVER 911 – Mossad has. Iran has not threated to nuke Europe and the US, if it will not gets its way – Isreal has. And your point?

      • Carlin

        Frank, The people who think israel is more dangerous to world peace than Iran are 2/3 of the world’s population in a recent survey (about 1 year old). It was about 60% of Europeans and, surprise, surprise – 30% of Americans.

        Israel is a war-like country bent on hegemony in its part of the world. It threatens to obliterate Iran constantly, and the same with lebanon. They are the ones who went on wars and murdered 10’s of thousands of people in eg. lebanon, the recent escapade in gaza cost “only” 1400 lives including nearly 400 children.

        It’s a crazy country that does not care a hoot about the rest of the world. Not even American jews, whom they despise (when not taking their money).

        It’s high time to do something about that country obviously sliding towards fascism already. The sanctions should be placed on israel not iran which has attacked nobody.

    • sffad

      hey meathead – if your neighbor told you he wanted to kill you would you give him one of your guns to be fair? What an irrational piece of leftist drivel

  • potus

    I bet the Mossad would like to lose his dumb arse right about now…..LOL

  • gloria schwartz

    I don’t understand why Mr. Adler wasn’t immediately arrested on grounds of disseminating hate speech. If blatantly calling for the assassination of the president of the United States isn’t classified as this kind of speech, what is?
    Thank you, Mr. Adler; you’ve set back understanding and support for Israel that we Jews try to maintain at least fifty years and given a wonderful feast to those anti-semites will use your message!
    What’s even worse, if that’s possible, is the responses that agree with him!

    • Be prepared

      Hate speech?
      This is America. Mr. Adler can say what he wants, he may not act upon it.

      Our laws were based upon the presumption of self control. That we can have heated, honest exchanges with no physical harm.

      Go to the back of the bus Gloria Schwartz. Step to the other side, you know nothing.

      Mr. Adler has opened an honest dialog that needs to be examined and talked about. He has verbally flung open the gates to a new era of truth between people.

      • Corey

        No, this is no longer “America”, and Americans have been usurped by the Zionists Jews who RUN the federal government and occupy every top level position IN it. The offices they DON’T have their OWN sitting in, THEY BUY! The Zionists are LEECHES. THEY are what’s wrong in this country. Throw them all out and we would be back to a civilized America again.

        THEY created HATE SPEECH LAWS. Therefore, Mr. Adler should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of his OWN hate speech laws. THEY created the UNPatriot Act which removes all protections under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. THEY created the NDAA Indefinite Detention Act (FOR Americans) that Obama signed on Dec 31, 2011. THEY run DHS and TSA to condition Americans to comply with THEIR new AMERICAN POLICE STATE. THEY have a PRIVATE ARMY and its the ENTIRE U.S. MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENT. THEY have taken over this country, with their Big 6 Mega-Banks receiving $27 TRILLION IN TAXPAYER MONEY. THEY own the THIEVING FEDERAL RESERVE.

        Yes, the man should be arrested for threatening the President and prosecuted under HATE LAWS. The HATE LAWS the ZIONISTS drafted don’t protect regular Americans, just Jews and Muslims like Obama.

    • Kris

      Why is Israel so important to you? I’ve been to Israel, and I don’t care one bit about it. I also understand that Israel is not the victim in the conflict with the Palestinians.

      I’m not Jewish, and was surprised at the number of American Jews who served in the IDF, and others who identified with foreign Jews far more than they did with me. Make aliyah if Israel means so much to you.

      I will be happy when Israel is no longer an American burden!

  • radii

    how many times has israel and its zionist operators here in the US stabbed our nation in the back and through the heart?

    USS Liberty attack, locking us out of their market despite the billion$ we give them, exporting to us ecstasy and other dangerous drugs through their mafias, the worst espionage against us ever (Pollard, whom they may a hero in israel), selling our military and industrial secrets to former USSR and China, controlling our Congress and legislative process through their lobbyists and spending 70% of money the Dems get and 40% the Repubs get (according to Mondoweiss and others) … israel was founded by mafias and terrorists and is a racist, apartheid, mafia terror state that uses children as human shields and commits ongoing war crimes and has NEVER been a friend to the United States

    • Stepp

      israel was founded by mafias and terrorists” – did you know that these Jews got there training from the WSS in Germany!! LOL That the WSS had a Zionist office. LOL

      • Corey

        American cops like the NYPD THUGS who beat down legitimate protesters have ALL been trained by the Israelis in the last few years. Have you noticed our friendly community cops from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s have now turned into BLACK-CLAD JACK-BOOTED THUGS. THAT’s what Israel has done to America.

        In addition, Zionist-controlled FEMA, DHS, and CIA were controlling STATE mayors and STATE cops what to do to quash the protests ILLEGALLY under the 10th Amendment States Rights. WHY? Because they can’t HAVE Americans protesting the ZIONIST-OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE and the $27 TRILLION taxpayer dollars STOLEN by the ZIONIST Big 6 MegaBanks. So, they “donated” millions to the police departments to STOMP on Americans and the Constitution.

    • AGE

      Clinton is a friend to Israel but refused to pardon Pollard because apparently the damage to the U.S. was irreparable.

  • M. Henson

    To Miguel:

    War with Iran is not inevitable. Israel wants it to be inevitable by starting a war. You understand how that works.

    If Israel wants a war with Iran, that’s fine by me. Only Israelis won’t fight and die for their country. They’ll leave the fighting and dying to the American goyum.

    “Don’t be such a lemming.”

    That’s what bothers you the most, isn’t it Miguel. I’m not a lemming.

    PS: It’s funny how someone who defends free speech doesn’t allow replies to his comments.

  • PeterLocke

    I for one think this is a really bad idea. Can you imagine all the Obama Boulevards and Barack Hussein Obama Elementary schools we would have? That would be living the nightmare.

    • cajunwarthog

      Ahh, you are correct. But think of all the jobs it would create to create these items…..

  • Donchi

    That would be like… AfterJFK told Israel to stop their nuke program, Israel having him killed so a totally pro-Israel LBJ could take over and give Israel the green light. Totally crazy.

    • Count Yob

      But true.

      • Count Yob

        The above was supposed to be a reply to Donchi’s statement but the system must have burped and disconnected them.

    • Steven H Ahle

      nifongnation, The bulletproof cars and guns are not what protects Obama from assination, it’s vice president Biden.

    • nifongnation

      Obama has lots of steal and bullet proof cars and buses,as well as Gatling guns in SUV’s following his motorcade, and the motorcade takes about 10 minutes to drive on. He has planes that move the buses and SUV’s and limousine’s and ambulances all over the country, that he may make an appearance in local communities by motorcades from a nearby airport. Kennedy was a sitting duck. Obama is an Alabama tic entrenched in the White House like Putin, in his power position. Obama plays by no rules, and will not leave his office unless removed by the Citizen’s, exercising the power of their Unalienable rights, endowed by their Creator,as a duty and an obligation.

      • Corey

        Prey tell, what relation does this imbecile have with Alabama?

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