On Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we touched on a very controversial issue ” Women Selling Their Children For Income Tax Refunds”.  We all know or have heard of someone participating in this illegal attempt to get over on Uncle Sam, but no one wants to publically admit that this is a serious problem in society today.  It’s basically the act of putting a price tag on your child, and allowing someone to file the child on their Income Tax returns pending a fee that will be paid to the parent.

Although this type activity happens across all cultures, it is extremely popular in the African American community.  Our special guest today were Terry and Donetta, two women who actively participate in selling children during the tax season.  They were able to give Lorraine Jacques-White and the Powertalk listener an inside explanation on how this illegal act has afforded them financial gain for many year.

Take a listen as Terry and Donetta lets us in on how they profit off of selling and filing children during the tax season.

Women Selling Their children For Income Tax Refunds Part 1:

Women Selling Their children For Income Tax Refunds Part 2:

Women Selling Their children For Income Tax Refunds Part 3:

Women Selling Their children For Income Tax Refunds Part 4:

Comments (3)
  1. Chris says:

    With EIC fraud at 25 percent, this does not surprise me.

    Cel Financial Services

  2. Moni says:

    this is common practice in the “hoods” i know… even my own family –
    whats sad is the women i know would rather give their kids to their BFF or present boyfriend then the Baby-Daddy – who is forced to pay child support….

    But as long as the mother fills out form 8332 – the person is safe, but the mother should go to jail. If they change Child Support Laws – where if mother is receiving any type of Government funds – Sec 8, WIC, Food Stamps, Free School Breakfast and Lunch —- the father should automatically be allowed to deduct his child from his taxes.

    I am waiting for the day that the IRS and every social service computer system does a matching — they probably have it but waiting to really slam people closer to the Obama election so a mass of votes will never happen

    1. The Black Falcon says:

      If they don’t break the law then they don’t have to worry about getting slammed by the IRS.

      But here is the real flaw in your logic. The IRS falls under the Treasury Department. President Obama appointed the head Treasury Department. Guess who is out of a job if President Obama is not re-elected. The head of the Treasury and ALL other Cabinet members. So it would behoove the head of the Treasury Department and ALL other cabinet members to have as many people as possible vote for Obama. That is, if they want to keep ther lofty positions.

      Think critically Black folk and stop thinking every body is out to get you and President Obama.

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