Gay Couples Raising Or Adopting Children

On Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we talked about another very controversial issue regarding Gay Couples and parenting.  Our special guests were an African-American gay male couple who have adopted children and are living a very normal life. 

The couple gave a very good perspective on the challenges and benefits of being gay parents.  The show got extremely heated, as listeners with opposing views  voiced their opinion.

Take a listen to Lorraine Jacques-White as she attempts to tackle the issue of Gay Parenting.

Gay Couples Raising or Adopting Children Part 1:

Gay Couples Raising or Adopting Children Part 2:

Gay Couples Raising or Adopting Children Part 3:

Gay Couples Raising or Adopting Children Part 4:




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  • Sarah

    This is terrible that he and his brother are both gay so his parents are not going to be biological grand-parents..These men decided on a lifestyle/relationship that will not produce children, yet they want to be parents to children they did not make on their own..I don’t approve of this type of parenting or relationships and I think it’s very wrong as two left shoes to be pushing this as a normal lifestyle…I’m also beginning to see within the black family, this gradual acceptance or normalization of these relationships, It is not the normal way to parenting, these are males children they’ve adopted who will be questioning their sexuality since they’re not co-parented with a female role model in the home

  • Alex

    The crazies part of the opposition to our Black children being raised by Gay parents is that these gentleman are taking a stand that most heterosexual don’t take which is to adopt. Most Black children in adoption home leave without ever experiencing the Love, Support and Stability of a Family. If you think it is wrong for two gay men to raise children, I guess you don’t see how many single women are doing the same with not so Great results. If this wasn’t true, then the number of Black in prison would be as high as it is or would so many of our young Black men be leading lives with no direction. You don’t have to agree, but you should Respect someone is trying to make a difference in two children’s lives who may have become a statistic otherwise.

    • The Black Falcon

      Welcome to WAOK where people love to complain, but do very little else.

  • porsha

    I grew up around a ton of gay black and white gay men. Some of my closest and dearest friends are Gay men, and i personally see NOTHING wrong in them wanting to adopt or parent children. I know a couple right now that are doing one heck of a job raising a family. They are involved loving parents, and i have no doubt in my mind that their children will succeed in life.

    How they choose to live their lives sexually is their busisness and should not be a reflection on whether or not they will make good parents, with some of the heterosexual couples that i know that are so called morally correct…….. they could learn a few things on parenting from some of these gay couples because some of us are doing a poor a$$ job at parenting and it shows with our messed up children that are walking around acting like and looking like fools.

    Who am i to judge, who is anyone to judge? i will say this the Gay community is a tight knit family that stands together and comes together for the cause. I have seen more of them fighting for what is right than so called moral christian folk. If you are a true christian, then you know that God will open up his arms to receive ALL of his children that have done great service on this earth, and whats greater than opening up your heart to love a child that might not have gotten love otherwise.

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