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ATLANTA (AJC)-Travelers making their way through security at Hartsfield-Jackson  International Airport have left behind more than $16,000 in those trays that hold your pocket change, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

In a story in the AJC,  travelers left a total of $409,085.56 in loose change after clearing TSA security checkpoints at airports across the country in 2010.

Hartsfield-Jackson ranked No. 3 with $16,523.83 collected, compared with $46,918.06 left at John F. Kennedy International in New York, which ranked No. 1, and $19,110.83 left at Los Angeles International Airport, which ranked No. 2.

The change, in addition to foreign currency, is usually thrown into a jar and counted at the end of the day, a spokeswoman told NBC. The money, which amounted to $399,000 in 2009 and $364,000 a year earlier, is sent to the TSA for its general operating budget, spokeswoman Nico Melendez said

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