As an Atlanta native I’m embarrassed at the Falcons’ performance yesterday’s 24-2 loss to the New York Giants.

2 Points… Are you serious?

You do understand that these are the playoffs, win or go home don’t you?

Maybe not…

With all the of the success that Falcons’ coach Mike Smith and QB Matt Ryan have had over the past 4 years there is one thing that has eluded the dynamic duo, a win in the NFL postseason.

Not to rub salt in the wounds of the Falcons and fans alike but you do realize that the last time Atlanta won a playoff game was January 15, 2004 in a 47-17 rout of the St. Louis Rams at the Georgia Dome. For some reason I just can’t remember who the quarterback was, just kidding it was Michael Vick.

Say what you want about our former franchise quarterback but the bottom line is for the Atlanta Falcons he was 2-and-2 in playoff games. In 2002 he led the Falcons to a first round 27-7 victory over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

The Ice is slowly melting…

I’m sorry Falcons’ fans but for a man that carries the nickname Matty Ice, he appears to need a new nickname like: Matty Spice, Door Matt, Welcome Matt, or Matty Creekwater (that’s about how fast he is for those of you that have seen a creek). He has not come up big in any of the games that really matter going back to last season Ryan is 1-and-3 versus the Saints, 1-and-2 versus the Packers, and 0-and-3 in playoff appearances.

So what’s next?

After hearing that Arthur Blank was disappointed with his team’s lack of explosiveness in the Green Bay playoff loss, the team gave up almost the entire farm to move up and grab Julio Jones but, we didn’t address any of the real concerns; the secondary, the offensive line, and the defensive line.

All of which has come back to bite Mr. Blank in the butt and I can’t wait to see the results of this year’s post season loss, it should be very interesting.

Here’s Mike Smith with post game comments…

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Comments (2)
  1. The Black Falcon says:


    It should not come as surprise that the Falcons were embarrassed by the Giants. The Falcons have not had much success against any team with a winning record this season, so why would this game be any different.
    Second, as you mentioned in the article, the Falcons did not address any of the real concerns; the secondary, the offensive line, and the defensive line. To me, this is why the team regressed instead of progressed this year.

  2. Naruto says:

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