Georgia School Math Assignment References Slavery, Beatings

NORCROSS, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – Figuring out how many oranges were picked by slaves and how many beatings per day Frederick Douglass received was allowed to help teach elementary students their multiplication and division tables at one school.

Administrators at Gwinnett County School District are sorting through the fallout from parents of children who brought home math homework last week that referenced slavery and beatings.

On Wednesday, nine third-grade math teachers at Beaver Ridge Elementary School were attempting to do a cross-curricular activity with a book the children had read about abolitionist Frederick Douglass in their social studies class. District spokeswoman Sloan Roach told CBS Atlanta that the math problems in the assignment involved some of what the students learned about Douglass. Four of the nine classes wound up sending the assignment home with the students. But when some parents were going over the students’ homework, they became appalled at the nature and language of two questions in particular.

The first asked, “Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?” The other said, “If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?”

Upon learning of the assignment, the school’s principal collected the assignment sheets that were still at school.

“We’ve been working with human resources to determine what staff development is needed for the teachers and what actions may be warranted,” Roach said. “The principal is addressing parent concerns as he’s meeting with them.”

Roach added that the school district has no reason to believe that there was any intent to the racially-infused, cross-curricular questions. The district is working with the school to develop other cross-curricular activities and assignments but will be determining what kind of staff development is necessary to move forward on that initiative. The investigation remains ongoing.

“Frankly, they were just bad questions,” Roach said.

  • hawksfan2600

    The biggest problem was most of the students couldn’t do the math.

    • jeff

      When it comes to science, math, or higher learning in general ,blacks are absent. How many black mathematicians, physicists, world chess champions, classical composers do you know of? Oh, and btw, the black “academics” that people could name are mostly of white ancestry.

      • Putting Fear In Whitey

        You don’t know your history boy…mathematics was first introduced to europeans by egyptians…do you know what continent egypt is on? probably not AFRICA! You may think that blacks are absent in math but that’s because your small mind only this american. Try looking at the global perspective and you will see that we are not missing at all.

    • Brian Alexandar

      The test questions did not say BLACK slaves. So why African Americans offended? Asians were slaves, whites were slaves, jews, egyptians… everybody!

      • Baj Jharkat

        historydork, one in three Romans was a slave. Get over it.

      • Greg

        Was Frederick Douglass Asian or white? Even if the lessons hadn’t mentioned one of the most famous black abolitionists, a little common sense would steer any American with half a brain to the conclusion it was black slaves being referenced. I do think this was just poor judgment and not a racially driven lesson, but seriously, don’t be an idiot.

      • Shontelle

        I swear that’s exactly what I was thinking. So many different people were slaves.

      • historynerd

        HA! Was Fredrick Douglas Asian, White, Jewish or Egyptian? Were Whites, Asians, Jews, or Egyptians enslaved in Georgia? And while we’re at it, seriously, when were the Egyptians enslaved?

      • Not Kells, Ph.D.

        Kells, Ph.D., you really are not one to talk about being “ignorant” with your clearly spun math. I believe you mean to say that MORE white people are on welfare than black people, but PROPORTIONALLY a higher percentage of black people are on welfare considering that demographic is only 11% of the population. In other words, 11% of your entire population should not be 45% of the welfare recipients.

        The main problem with this “lesson” though is that it perverts history. The vast majority of slaves were not beaten because slaves were considered tools for production. This is like saying that you regularly break your lawnmower because you are its owner/master. Beatings were actually rare because making a slave less productive was considered worse.

      • Koedo

        Brian, it was a cross curricular assignment combining reading, history and math. The book read was about Fredrick Douglas. You know who Fredrick Douglas is, right? So, if you’re reading about FD and you know what his life was about, is there anyway you might come to the conclusion that the slaves in question were not Black? Come on, you sound dumb when you mention Egyptians and Asians in the context of FD.

      • L-Dave

        They also could have mentioned that there were black slave owners too.

      • TheRealKingMax

        Day neber ennin’

        Massa gots me wurkin’…..


      • I read the article

        The questions were in reference to a book about black slaves.

      • billy-bob

        surely you don’t believe the pyramids were built by slaves.

      • Kells, Ph.D.

        Are you people serious? Its Georgia, I’m sure all of you know the history of our nation. And as for the comment about welfare, statically more white individuals are using the program more than any other demographic. Please Americans, let’s stop being ignorant.

    • ObamaIsGodAwful

      It wasn’t a math lesson. It was a lesson in supporting the Black Liberation Theology theocracy of Barack Obama.

      • Vicky

        Huh? could you please explain this comment?

    • dikkydoo22

      If eight slaves picked 7 peaches off a tree…how many were arrested fo stealing the farmers peaches. (answer) the slowest ones.

    • JohnDave

      They should have used Democrats instead of slaves. More political correct.

      • clanno7

        Orange pickers don’t have a union, so no democrats were available.

      • Pones Gdg

        No, they should have used DEMOCRATS AS SLAVE OWNERS, as that would be historically accurate.

        Perhaps, also a question on how many tribes they wiped out during the Democrats quest for ‘westward expansionism’/genocide.

        Perhaps, also a question on how progressives/Democrats encouraged negative eugenics and how many Jews/others were exterminated by Hitler after being inspired by such Progressive readings of the early 20th century.

    • fred banres

      does anyone know how to get on the 405 from downtown LA, I need to buy some drugs – rodney knig.


      why hide it, the colors are still playing the ohhh why me game and getting all their freebies. look at college, houseing, medical not to mention special treatment as BET, MTV and your dumb N-ro brother Al Sharpton. he’s wasting everyones air.

      • Vicky

        Free?? How do you get for free what you pay for in pain, lives and blood?? All other minorities have gotten reparations for wrongs done to them as a people EXCEPT for African-Americans! Yet we are told to shut up, stop whining, suck it up, get over it, stop complaining, get on with our lives! America was built on the backs and blood of African-Americans! yet we as descendants deserve nothing? Wow!

      • Putting Fear In Whitey

        sharp_pain, maybe you are the one who needs some college assistance. The correct spelling is housing…even my 7 year old knows that idiot!

    • ZTedster

      The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    • Ozlanthos

      If you can describe the difference between indoctrination and education, I suggest running for public office! I’ll assert here that functionally there is no difference between either terms and “operant-condifioning”. We’ve just been lulled into the idea they are different. That is why the vast majority of people still force their children to go to public school.


      • Chicago860

        If you can’t distinguish between the two, maybe you shouldn’t be voting. We can send someone from Chicago to vote for you…twice

    • Tim

      Was it a blackslave owner doing the beating problem a black female owner who rented out her male slave. There were lot of freed black that own slaves and on the aveagr more then whites. Like keep history right

      • pos_man

        please correct me if i am wrong but i believe the there was owner in ohio that sued in supreme court over a a slave /indentured servant where the court said the BLACK OWNER HAD THE right to have ownership thereby establishing slavery humm where was that little cos curriculum question case circa late 1700 (cant remember the year)

    • groveratt

      LOL! Yea thats the part they left out.

    • Whitey

      This not a mathmatical answer the true answer is the same for both questions,
      ” Not enough”

      • Not Kells, Ph.D.

        I LOVE THIS POST!!! I am sending this link to my BLACK FRIEND (for all you PC types offended by this) because this is hilarious!

        See, two posts above this guy is complaining about the comments on this story and I have to wonder how dense a person can be to not understand that the comments section is for great jokes like this. News needs humor or it is just depressing – even if that humor “offends” someone or some group.

      • F Caspar Gomez


      • Sylvia Mayfield-Jackson

        ignorance is a SAD THING!

    • Observer

      “Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?”

      “Each treeI” implies there were a number of trees, and that necessitates the next question: How many trees were there? So, the child cannot possibly answer the question the way it is written. In addition “how much” should be stated as “how many.”

      Perhaps a better question would be:

      “Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick an equal number of oranges from one tree, then how many would each slave pick?”

      I think the real issue is the English ability of the teacher who composed the question.

      • MaybeI'mAmazed

        Excellent point, Observer. The math teacher is not someone I’d wish pretending to be a professional with my child. The idea that this nonsense is what the teacher team imagines to be integrated curriculum is a sorry commentary on what is most likely a very sorry excuse for a public school. The historical inaccuracy projected of Fredrick Douglas involved with picking truck farm produce non-existent in that time period is the icing on the cake of stupidity. As a former teacher and principal, I pity the students being victimized and the principal who must supervise such morons. Harry them from your school, brother. Do it for the children.

      • Zig Sulewski

        Of all the oranges picked, how many did they steal???

      • Al

        While “how many” would be better, “how much” is not wrong.

      • jessec

        realistic_01, you probably meant “tense” instead of “tenses.” You lose.

      • ebgodard

        My expectations regarding these stories are so low I didn’t pick up on either of these major flaws. No wonder kids today can’t spell or do math. They are taught by dumb, uneducated people.

      • realistic_01

        You’re changing your tenses from past to present. Perhaps you could use a little help with your English as well.

      • SorenK

        The real issue is how did the teachers get their jobs in the first place…

      • joe

        WRONG LOL… it again…it is correct with maybe the minor issue of the much/many…”EACH tree had 56 oranges. if eight slaves pick THEM equally,then how MUCH would EACH slave pick?”……the keys words here are each,much and each again…so go back and read it again lol…who needs more schooling? hahah

      • Jimbo Limbo

        Much/many is not a minor issue. “How much (oranges) would each slave pick?” That’s incorrect. The subject is oranges. “Them” is correct, but “much” is not. “How many (oranges) would each slave pick?” That’s the correct way to ask it. When something is counted in specific numbers, the correct way to ask is “how many.” When it is more general, it is “how much.” How much money? Six dollars. If I’m asking about dollars, specifically, however, it is not how much dollars, it is how many dollars. So if the problem states that Steve has some money- how much money. If it states that Steve has a certain amount of dollars, it is how many. If it is apples and oranges, it is how many apples and oranges. You could ask how much produce, but then a simple number would suffice, unless the problem specified to list them out by type and number of fruit. Halfway right is still wrong. Sorta close won’t score high on the SAT.

      • blahblah

        Not to mention … “If eight slaves pick them equally.”

        did they pick them all or stop in the middle?

        wow, horrible teaching from horrible minds

      • ronthomski

        the only correct answer could be “one eighth” since we do not know the number of trees, therefore we do not know the total number of oranges, but we do know that the eight slaves picked the fruit equally — therefore each slave picked 1/8 of the oranges. That would also reconcile the poor choice of “much” instead of “many” if the question was asking for a whole number instead of a fraction. That is my rescue scenario, in reality, the questions was written incorrectly and is unanswerable given the poor drafting of the question.

      • Vicky

        Very well stated! If you’re going to pose a question, at least pose it correctly. Racist and wrong!

      • Sux2bu

        to Observer: The answer would includes the variable. Therefore, each slave picked seven oranges per tree. We don’t need to know how many trees unless we are asked the total number of oranges picked. The question is valid. Your too smart for your own good.

    • Joe Bamma

      @Pepper: You watch too many movies. The slaves, for the most part did not get beat. A slave was better in good health. The slaves who got beat were the ones trying to rise up. The brave ones who stood up to the slavemasters were the ones who did not fair so well. Please read your history.

      • Mo-hammed in da Al-lay

        “Yo name is TOE-BEE… SAY IT!!!!!”.

        “Muh… name iss… Kun-ta Kin-tay…”.


    • Slavery up, crime down

      @ Pepper – slaves may have been “replaceable” but they DID cost money. I certainly doubt that a slave owner was going to break a slave down so badly that he couldn’t work anymore, and face the prospect of spending a lot of money again for one, unless of course the slave was a very, VERY bad boy.

    • Paul

      Don’t you get it! You have to train the next generation of Bros and Sistas to hate Whitey. SLAVES!!! BEATINGS!!!

    • Pepper

      workers? workers and slaves are totally different. Of course they got beat. slave owners didn’t care if slaves had to work injured or ill. they were slaves and replacable. That’s what happens when you reduce human beings to only “part human.”

      • calabash

        As listed in many comments. There was no mention of Black in the question. Slaves in Egypt were not even part human. Slaves have been a part of this world since history was recorded. Joseph was a slave before christ was born. Better get reading your history books.

      • glenp

        I’d say part human is accurate when I read about all the wandering bands of thugs throughout this country —seems consistently one persusion is at fault

    • george

      . . . Or maybe even read the problems.

      • Michael K

        Mark5……. with yiour STATISTICS that you are so confident on posting about whom the vast majority is on food stamps, you should go back and re check the data as you are missing one very big peice of that puzzle. Yes the overall number of whites is higher than the other ethnic groups but what you fail to show is the actual percentages of those ethnic groups by population. If you take the percentages, then Blacks actually claim the top spot in this.

        Just like the idiots running our gooberment. They want to show you only half of the story. That half is going to be the part that favors their argument. Put both peices together and you get the full picture.

        Nice try Mark5 but you dont win a prize for your efforts.

      • Max Schneiter

        @Mark5 – Actually Whites are a minority of welfare recipients, only making up 40% of all recipients, even though we are 70% of the general population. Blacks make up 40% of the welfare recipients even though they only make up about 10% of the general population. This information is widely available online if you want to verify it yourself.

      • Nick Fortune

        If five blacks mugged two old white people, Two blacks robbed a gas station, and one black forced a white teen into prostitution; what would white children learn from such a lesson?

      • Mark5

        They wouldn’t learn anything that their parents didn’t tell them. If they saw 5 whites mug two old black people, two whites rob a gas station and one white force a black teen into prostitution, what would YOU tell your kids? Let me guess – something along the lines of – “everybody’s an individual, and there are bad people in the world, but don’t judge a man by the color of his skin?” Now – would you say that to your kids if the perpetrators were black? Let’s put it this way: the VAST majority of people on food stamps and on welfare in America are WHITE – that’s the latest statistic from 2010. So what would kids learn from such a fact? Hm? That all white people are poor and on welfare? No, I didn’t think so. 97% of serial killers have been white. Are all whites serial killers? I pray you don’t have children and teach them your values.

      • The Bobster

        You’re a bad joke. 26% of serial killers are black. Look it up.

        Quit drinking the MSM Kool-Aid. You know where they’re coming from. YT is bad. Blackie is good.

      • Boyd

        Am I the only one who took Nick’s comment as irony?

      • Brian

        @Jay: say what you will, but a disproportionate percentage of black people are on welfare. Do you know hat that means? Keep throwing that “most people” argument around. There is something toxic in popular black culture today in America; this phenomenon is not worldwide.

      • jay t

        @fed up you are a disgusting and filthy racist. most of the people on welfare are undoubtedly white you ignorant twit.

      • Nicole Tebow

        You whites are the first to post ignorant racist comments, but yet have no problem attending sporting events cheering on your teams that are dominated by Black athletes, you have no problem listening to hip hop music(majority of people who purchase and listen to hip hop music are white youths), have no problem going into the “hood” to purchase your cocaine and heroin, have no problem lusting after Black women when you watch porn, because your women are flat chested, flat lips and flat behinds, have no problem voting for a Black president, because as you all have stated we are but 10% of the population, so are numbers are not effectively enough to vote anyone into the white house…you all voted for a Black man to be President, but after all that, after all that you all still make racist comments. No wonder your race is dying out.

      • Blacks

        The myriad of derogatory comments regarding race and political affiliation on this post proves the parent suspicions. You all should be ashamed, a contradiction of what they claim this country was founded on.

      • JohnRalph

        Mark5: “97% of serial killers have been white. Are all whites serial killers”

        In a study by statistician La Griffe du Lion, roughly 0.018 percent of adult white males, 0.033 percent of adult black males and 0.0025 percent of adult Hispanic males have values of criminality in the range of serial murderers. Using Census Bureau population estimates, the percentages translate to 13,000 white, 4,000 black, and 350 Hispanic adult males with criminality in serial-murderer territory.

        I have no explanation why black males would be twice as likely as white males to be serial killers. In general, they have criminality rates seven times that of whites. This might in some way explain it.

    • Nomad

      That is what the beatings were for…

      • Ikea Tann

        Hope u racist idiot checked the recent stats because now there are more “WHITE PEOPLE” on welfare living in trailer parks and unemployed than BLACK PEOPLE so @ Fed UP maybe your one of those white ass people……

      • YP

        More of the same stuff going on everyday. Who knows what the heck is happening, but its a little overwhelming

      • Jay bo0nswaggle.

        LOL AHAHAHA no sheeeeyott.

      • Deb Budd

        Koedo- You’re missing the broader import of Brian’s comment. Of all the subjects taught that day, why would these teachers choose a lesson on slavery and Frederick Douglass as a cross-curricular complement to a math lesson? What was the ulterior motive?

      • Fed Up

        Bottom line, they mght as well go back to being slaves it is the only way those in the the cities will do any work and since we are paying thme with welfare we have a right to expect they do something other than produce children and do drugs.

      • koedo

        Brian, it was a cross curricular assignment combining reading, history and math. The book read was about Fredrick Douglas. You know who Fredrick Douglas is, right? So, if you’re reading about FD and you know what his life was about, is there anyway you might come to the conclusion that the slaves in question were not Black? Come on, you sound dumb when you mention Egyptians and Asians in the context of FD.

      • disillusioned


      • Freeland Dave

        Ikea Tann, It’s obvious to me that you are not proficient in your math skills. Given that blacks make up less than 12% of the overall population of the US your statement is rather myoptic in that you concentrate on numbers instead of percentages. Yes, it’s true that more whites are on social assistance (welfare) than blacks. That is a mathematical certainty. But more importantly is the percentages of blacks on social assistance compared to the percentages of whites that are doing the same. If you look at it that way there are more blacks on social assistance programs than there are whites. Now you can pick what ever reason you want too in order to justify this but the facts are as they stand.

        I will say it’s fortunate that whites still outnumber blacks because if it were the other way around there would be more of a problem with social assistance programs than we have at present.

      • mokey

        Reply to Fed Up….people like you are the reason that teachers with the same insensitivity exist in our schools and live on our planet. Furthermore, if Blacks represent only 12% of the population….who do you suppose is getting all the welfare….WHITES and major corporations (in other words…MORE WHITES. Get it right along with some education.

      • Educated

        When will idiots like you and the teachers get it? Welfare does not know race, nor does poverty and ignorance. When will small minded, uneducated, sad, and useless people like you go away?

      • Chris


      • Putting Fear In Whitey

        To all you racist white people (especially fed up) in regards to your ignorant posts about how much better whites are doing than blacks or that there are a higher percentage of blacks on government assistance, etc. The fact is that your ancestors had free employees for hundreds of years, let me repeat that FREE EMPLOYEES. As a business owner my biggest expense is payroll. So lets say my average employee’s salary is $50K per year and he works for me for 40 years I would have paid him $2M over his career. So your ancestors saved on average $2M for EACH slave thus creating the current economic and educational gap between the races. Just imagine if your ancestors didn’t have all that free slave labor and played fair how much far advanced we would be than you whites. Whenever there’s a level playing field blacks are always more dominant than you whites. Just look at professional sports. We dominate all majors sports from basketball, football, tennis, golf, baseball, boxing you name it. You know why we dominate…because we are smarter, stronger and there are rules and officials in sports that make sure the game is fair and no one breaks the rules. It’s not your fault you are inferior but it’s amusing how you guys just sweep 400 plus years of free labor under the rug and act like you really earned it. Get a grip white people, you are now the minority. Just like in slavery times you guys know we are better so you try to brainwash our children with constant reminders of slavery even in their math lessons. This is why my children are home school so that they first learned about the Kings and Queens of African nations thousands of years before slavery.

      • The Truth

        @ Educated and @ Putting Fear in Whitey and others with sufficient intelligence:

        I appreciate your efforts to try to educate and reason with the white “people” of this country, but as you can see from recent research, they lack sufficient brain activity to have real empathy, and therefore souls, making them sub-human.

        Lost cause, if you ask me.

    • Michelle

      This is so stupid of the teachers but on the otherhand, there isn’t a single person in the US that was directly involved with slavey. Let it go, it was a really long time ago.

    • jfhdsiu


      Slaves were expensive. They were not easily or cheaply replaceable. Horses were dirt cheap in comparison. What owner of an expensive item is going to damage that item? The cruelest slave owner was a black man. He did abuse his slaves.One state had to ban blacks from owning white slaves because of their unconscionable cruelty to them. A black owner of slaves got slaves legally made slaves for life. His argument was that “I have him for his life”. Don’t believe it? Look it up. William Elliot for the first. Black owners of slaves for all else.

    • Bob

      Our government keeps telling us that we are all racist. Personally, I work with all kinds of people and everyone gets along just fine.

      • jamman

        If President Owebummer had 10 fake affirmaitve-action Harvard professor friends, and they all ginned up phony racist beefs against innocent hard-working police officers, how many beers would Presiden Owebummer have to drink to try to appear down with the White working class.

    • joe

      thats not johnny biker…we are talking about jerome geeeshhhhh

    • Dr. Ozark Z. Hellbender

      Yassuh, the darkies were all happy before the Ab’litionists got ’em all stirred up. Outside agitators, I believe they were.

    • Dr. Ozark Z. Hellbender

      So, hey, CBS Atlanta, if you want a story, how about a discussion of the enlightened minds commenting on this post? Slavery apologists, racist stereotypes, and a consensus that the “government schools” should all just be shut down.

      I am so very proud to be an American tonight.

      • fsg

        So tonight you have proven that “yes Virginia an idiot can become a Doctor”.

      • John_B

        Is this the first time you have read comments on a discussion board? You have to learn to pick through the weeds to get to the flowers Doc. Or maybe you just want to chastise all of the low brow Americans.

      • Paulson Rhomes

        Government schools have already failed miserably, where’ve you been?

        So cut us some slack if we get tired of socialist “property taxes” paying for PC liberal indoctrination and a record of dismal failure to educate the children despite being payed much higher wages than what’s earned by their private sector counterparts.

      • Not Kells, Ph.D.

        No offense Hellbender but reading the comments on a story and making a judgement about society as a whole is really a poor decision. People have fun in the comments section and that can include offensive humor or playful jabs at one another. If you want deep political analysis turn on some punditry-debate show or join a political forum with bi-laws. Otherwise, smile and enjoy the fun! :)

      • Rosemary Brewer

        Now, if their was school choice you could really do something about this type of thing!

    • Onatah Lumbee

      First, let’s be relieved that the parents are going over homework with their children, first step in the right direction. Second, it is kind of a shocker to see verbiage/writing about slavery as mathematical equations; not your typical Joe and Bob type of scenario that most of us are used to… a topic off concern next PTA. I suggest the issue of slavery become and open and honest family topic as to obtain knowledge, wisdom and understanding of slavery and the effect slavery has on those that are subject to that type of conditioning. It’s ok to teach them our story; history can be so jumbled…it maybe in the best interest of the children to learn from their parents, and by doing research and tons of reading as additional resources but in the end this should be a learning experience. Heal the world…I’m just sayn

  • Chris

    Q: How many union teachers will be fired over this?
    A: Zero

    • Diva

      And I’m guessing the “staff development” won’t include “Dude use your brain already”

    • Occam's chainsaw

      Oh please… Meanwhile the GOP wants to eliminate the Department of Education, thus making all decisions move locally. This is what happens when decisions are made locally.

      • Demsvoteblindly

        Has our education gone up or down during the time DOE has been in power… enough said!!! They worry more about the teachers unions then they do their students!!!

        Question : How many Democrats voted to give blacks rights?!?!
        Answer: ZERO!! 100% voted Against the 14th ammendment!

        Question: What party was Gov George Wallace apart of when he tried to fight allowing black students in white classrooms?
        Answer: He was Gov of Alabama and a Democrat

      • Wolfie

        Wallace would be a Republican is he were entering politics today …

        Get aquainted with history on a deeper level, it’s a favor you owe yourself …

      • dogcatcher

        No he wouldn’t. He’d be with his peers in the DNC working the identity politics scam. They can turn a profit on anything. They don’t care what the words are or if it’s racist or not, just what’s in it for them. If liberals thought racism was popular, they’d all immediately join the KKK. Like when they realized racism had become unpopular, they immediately became your caring nurturers. Which was a 180 for them at the time. They’d just spin around again if the wind blew in a different direction and claim it was always so.

      • Brian Alexandar

        What a silly thing for a mammy to say!

      • John Galt

        Brian – you talkn bout a mammy nun from “thingfish?

      • Occam liked states rights

        And what’s wrong with that? You don’t think people will be outraged enough to make each state do the right thing? And, if everyone in the state is ok with it, then what’s the problem?

      • Pepper

        this happened UNDER the DOE… duh. obviously the DOE isn’t managing education very well, eh? END IT.

      • Demsvoteblindly

        wolfie… Show your proof that Wallace would enter as a Republican today… I can show you facts, while you mislead… the FACT is he WAS a DEMOCRAT!!!!! Am I correct or NOT?!?!? Say all you want, lie all you want, but the FACTS are he WAS a Democrat!!! Your side has to mislead to have your history look good, and make stuff up.

        Here is recent history… EVER heard of MLK???? well it’s funny that they EVEN to this DAY his family is CONSERVATIVE Republicans!!!! His neice has been to Tea Party events as a speaker… maybe she’s racist…

        Let’s stick to facts instead of saying someone who is dead would be part of another party because his history makes your party look like what it is… a bunch or racist! Was it not Reid who called out Obama and said he used a Negro dialect when he spoke to blacks??? Did they sweep that under the rug saying he was allowed to say racist comments cause he done so much for the black man (keeping them on welfare)… What about MSNBC commentator that said Obama spoke so well he forgot he was black for a min… wow how racist is that????! Is that to say that blacks can not speak well or what???

        Keep up the spin, you need it if you want your party to hide its racist side.

    • Dwight Schrute

      Q: How many confederacy teachers will be fired over this?
      A: Zero, the civil war ended in the 19th century, there are no confederacy teachers remaining.

      • Kris

        Hahaha. The fact that Dave doesn’t get the joke makes it even more funny. Well played, sir . . . Well played.

      • Rhett

        Sadly, I think most young blacks think MLK and the 1950s was the slavery era. Most of the young blacks are pretty ignorant of history. THey see old Selma footage and think “slavery”. Some of the younger gangsta variety are virtually soul less. Strange thing is, blacks are better souls under extreme suffering then prosperity. No one I know thrives better than blacks under oppression. God bless the old sharecropping blacks, best folks i Know.

      • Dave


      • keith

        Confederacy teachers? It should be “Confederate teachers” you moron.

  • Three Oranges

    Why is the associated image a woman in Zimbabwe doing math on the outside of a building?

    • BOE

      If you’d ever been to rural GA, you’d think you were in Zimbabwe.

      • KruelHunter

        I’ve been to rural Georgia and to Zimbabwe and am familiar with their differences. Can you say the same or are you just another bigotted carpetbagger?

      • lars brew

        according to that photo, thery are in Zimbabwe.


        Soon, the the marxists are building ‘for the children’ will look like it too.

      • ed

        So you’ve never been to Ga.

    • Daniel Cloud Montgomery

      You are confused. That’s a typical Atlanta public school.

      • Buddy

        They tried to teach them the Obama praise song too!

      • Elbee

        Its not “Math”. Its simple arithmetic. Calling it math is one of those idiotic self-esteem things. Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Linear Equations of the Higher Order are mathematics.
        Calling addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square roots and etc. mathematics is all part of making the uneducated (Government school pupils) feel like they are accomplishing something beyond what it is.
        Notice “pupls”, not “students”.

      • Larry Burdge

        I’ve been to Atlanta and I think BOE and Daniel are right. Ever hear of Mayor Jackson? Mayor what’s his name that went to jail? Ever see the city council? How about the school super that just left over test score fieasco? Who owns and runs the Atlanta Airport? Just tell me what Atlanta is made up of and who runs that town AND the school system??? AND has for decades??? Ever heard of the RICO act?

      • ed

        You either….

  • shirtsbyeric

    Slaves don’t pick oranges…Illegal immigrants do.



    • kosh

      Excellant point. LOL!

    • charles Mitchell

      …….there are no oranges in GA, anyway ! And there were few slaves in FL, where there were oranges.

    • joe


  • PJ Urquilla

    What’s with the image your using on this article? Why would you use a photo from Zimbabwe? HMMMM?

  • jim

    What an effin disgrace!!!

  • PJ Urquilla
  • Tim

    This is about the most idiotic thing I have heard of. Don’t they have about a million other more relavent things to be angry about?

    • Tired of the LIES

      Yeah, you’re right.

      “Now, boys and girls, what political party held the most slaves by far?”.

      The kids just sat there looking in wonder.

      “Democrats, boys and girls”.

      “But teacher, Reverends Jackson & Sharpton say it was rich white Republicans”, said one little girl.

      “Oh, they did?” said the teacher. “Sorry, I was wrong”.

  • Bentley

    I agree – what the heck is with the image used for this article??? Once you read the context of the assignment it’s easy to see this is a non-story.

    • Hargrove

      Would you think a school assignment, as follows, is a non-story: Six concentration camp interns received so little food that two ribs were pronounced on each of them, how many intern ribs were pronounced?

  • Marta

    I’m more concerned that basic multiplication needed to be taught to 9th graders. Fantastic job, public schools. You’re really, clearly, going above and beyond in preparing the youth of America with proper knowledge. It’s totally acceptable for a large portion of the 9th grade to be so uneducated that at roughly 14 years old they have to do rudimentary math. -.-

    • TMay

      “9 third graders” Multiplication is taught in 3rd grade.

    • epic fail

      I R redz real goodz

    • george

      I will withhold my criticism of Marta until someone can convince me that scores of ninth graders in this country do NOT need remedial math taught to them.

    • Jon

      It says, nine THIRD-GRADE math teachers…so, who needs that lesson for the uneducated?

    • Wolfie

      You may wish to read the article again … It is 3rd grade math, not 9th grade …….

      The number nine is in the conversation, yes, but not 9th grade ….

    • Hank

      Reading comprehension would qualify under your call for “preparing the youth of America with proper knowledge”. They are 3rd graders, not 9th graders. Still, a stupid way to try and teach the kids. No way can the administrators cover their collective butts with sorry excuses. Very insensitive.

      • Zig Sulewski

        They are 3rd graders that are old enough to be in the 9th grade.

      • thinkingdownstream

        “No way can the administrators cover their collective butts…”

        Yes They Can!

  • Clyde

    “Roach added that the school district has no reason to believe that there was any intent to the racially-infused, cross-curricular questions.”



    There’s nothing quite like bureaucrats and their hemming-and-hawing Newspeak, is there?


      Well said Clyde, well said. Too bad most of the other RACIST BUTT SNIFFERS on this site can’t see that.

      • ROBBOB

        Also, 3rd grade is far to early to do cross curricular activities

  • ziegler

    I see nothing wrong with the questions….in the context that they were referencing other materials reviewed by those students covering slavery and the atrocities that were enacted under it. You dont act like nothing ever happened. It happened, we corrected it, and basic arithmetic is invaluable and if it serves an additional purpose of reminding children of the lesson they learned in social studies. Then good on them. But, most likely, none of the parents had the knowledge of the SS lesson, and was reading the quesitons without context and reacted accordingly. Communication is key.

    • snowy

      ‘Social studies? isn’t that history AND current events? I suggest the next integrated curriculum should focus on current evens, and cover the drugs and gangs unit or maybe the unwed welfare family unit. Lots of math questions could be applied there. If mom has 2 children each by 4 different fathers how many total children will she have? Or, if there are 10 honor students on the block and 5 are caught selling drugs and 2 are arrested for domestic violence and 2 are shot by other gangs, how many will graduate from high school? You’re absolutely right we don’t want to bury our heads in the sand and act like these atrocities never happen.

    • John_B

      Yes, let’s never let them forget they were slaves once, the earlier the better. Why not tell the MANY stories of successful men and women of color. Damage their self esteem early and often, that seems to be the Democratic strategy.

    • Rex

      Really? Wow.

    • LetThemBeKids

      You’ve gotta be kidding, right?? You think there is nothing wrong with even teaching beating slaves in third grade? Seems kinda early to me. Hey if that is ok, maybe for their 3rd grade play they could reanact plantation life according to the union educators? Include some “massa” kids beating slave kids, and the male slave owners could show how they “visited” the women slaves at night? Then sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?” Gag!

  • danceswithtrees

    If we fired 2 teachers and 4 administrators per week how many weeks would need to fire all of the idiots involved ckass?

  • Steve

    The answer to question number one has to be ZERO

    • Bentley

      good catch

  • Denise

    The point of the reference is to keep the nation focused on the southern racism in the past, just in case this state wants to ask for ID in the upcoming election.

  • Just Wondering

    How can these kids have any future, when they are always living in the past?

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Keep it up. It will only further the racism within the \black community at their own expense. Black political leaders have played the race card and the slave card to ad nausea without even pointing to the fact that there were different types of slaves. those in the field and those who worked within the plantation house. These house slaves were seldom if ever whipped. It does not point to the fact that blacks owned slaves. All it does is create hate against the majority and alienate the black minority. If that is what the black teachers to the leaders want then go for it.

    • Rufus Washington, Jr.

      Good point. Black Power is at a zenith right now in this country. There are already more Hispanics than Blacks in the USA and the trend will quickly accelerate. There will never be as many Blacks in high positions of power as there are right now in 2012 due to demographic changes. The Black percentage of the population is falling. There will never be a black or partially black president of the USA ever again.

      Your Time Is Up!!

      • Liberal_ingenius

        thanks to demograohics like drugs and bullets

      • Joe

        Yes this is true, but if the media has their way
        for every 3, white girls, and every 5,6 his panics
        we can add one big black stud, and thus create
        11.1 diverse chirrens , you know caramel colored kids and get rid of the whites
        that is , if you dont get mugged or shot by said black ” studs”

    • charles mitchell

      And one major point that is NEVER mentioned is that there almost as many slaves in the sacred North as in the South. Recall about 15 years ago the discovery of a slave cemetery in NYC ? that one got buried by the media really fast !

      • Mike

        you should come here. actually it’s well marked and treated as any other graveyard. They made it into a mini-park, and built the tower around it. It’s near City Hall.

        The fact that there were nearly as many slaves in the North as the South was never true. There were many in the early days of the country, but Northern states outlawed it fairly early on. Thus well before the Civil War, there were only slaves in Border states that were part of the North.


    It’s not a game RACIST and I doubt your stupid behind could name a time when a hill billy has been the source of this type of ridicule BY BLACKS. It is WHIT ELITES who ridicule YOUR STUPID AZZ.

    • rightnow

      ARBITER: Rev Jeremiah Wright. Bill Ayers. Rev Jesse Jackson. Rev Al Sharpton. President Obama. Michelle Obama. Oprah. Just off the top of my head and for a start.

      You want a list of quotes, racist?

    • CommonCents

      Visit Africa… the entire continent is a cesspool of tribal warfare and starvation.

      Time and again they’ve been shown how to feed themselves… can’t do it.

      EPIC FAIL. They are not up to the task, morally, technologically, or genetically.

    • wow

      Apparently someone was not ridiculed enough into getting an education.

      If you’re going to make a rebuttal, try to sound like you have some sense.

      • Edward Boothe

        You do no appear to be the brightest light on the tree yourself

    • bewolff

      Everyone that is white isn’t a hillbilly,but you’ll always be what you are.

  • DianeCee

    Geez, before long public education will be abolished for obviosu reasons.

  • Durp

    Whew, I’m glad to learn that slaves did not do farm work nor get beatings. Set those ignorant teachers straight.

    Slavery happened and it was wrong. The only injustice today is that the math/slavery homework is taken out of context and blown up into an issue for the race baiters to use.

    • tim

      Right, race baters. That’s what this is. Someone took something that had nothing to do with race but turned it into an ugly racial thing.

      I wonder if Holder is willing to have that open and honest discussion about race yet?

  • Forgotten Man

    If three race bating teachers each taught two students to hate whites, how many racist children would they have created?

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Depends on who’s doing the teaching. If it is white teachers the answer is zero. If it is black teachers the answer is “not enough.”

  • Joe Dutra

    I knew before I even saw the photo. Did you?

  • Bentley

    Funny how CBS changed the article picture after reading these comments.

    • Wolfie

      Not really … I mean, most news is produced by hacks, right?

  • jeff

    …so why not simply use the word “Mexicans” instead of “slaves”? What is all this drama about?

  • Denise

    They can’t, they have to live with an infectious fear of whites even though contrary to public opinion, racism WAS NOT something the ENTIRE white race engaged in. Racism was a political agenda of one party, the democrats, and it’s about time we stopped this party from terrorizing young black people.

    • Wolfie

      here’s some easy reading, Denise (et,al.):

      And when you get to the part in the CRA 1964 and who led from the Bully Pulpit, look at the voting record of North and South in Congress, line that up against what you learn about the Dixiecrats and this discussion should be over … Note to self: “Should be …”

      • Wolfie

        dvb — you are waaay to funny …. Seriously, you are indoctrinated as they come … But, I volunteered to serve my country in order for you to have that right …

        You see, you keep SUGGESTING (in a heavy handed manner), I’m a LIBERAL …

        I’m Libertarian (long before Ron Paul ran for CONGRESS) and I take issues one-by-one …

        I sorta believe by your moniker and your position, you’re the one who votes BLINDLY, as that’s your comfort zone …

        Some have blankies, some have their “party’s talking points” glued to their tongues for them …

        btw, your understanding of the sequencing of events ought to be appalling …

      • John_B

        I’d like to believe you served Wolfie, but I seriously doubt it

      • demsvoteblindly

        Which party is a big supporter of Planned Parenthood? Who was Margaret Sanger??? Why is it that a racist white women (Margaret Sanger) started Planned Parenthood because she wanted to kill minority babies??? She hated black and hispanic kids, so she offered them a way to kill their babies… Curious… which party continues to support Planned Parenthood?? So do the dems just like having that choice to kill but ignore the fact that the organisation they fully support was started by a racist to kill minoirty babies… look her up, Margaret Sanger and read her colorful quotes on minorities and how she felt about them.

        Oh… she was probably Republican…. some how she fooled the Dems to think she wasn’t racist and to through her baby killing business lots of taxpayer money!!

      • demsvoteblindly

        Curious Wolfie… why do KKK member continue to run as Democrats???? Did they not get the memo they were suppose to be Republicans now, or does it just show you and the rest of your kind just try to spin from your history????

      • demsvoteblindly

        Of couse it’s easy reading.. you were able to read it… ;) I find it funny when someone uses wikipedia as their source… to me it shows they lack real sources so they need a liberal website that individuals go in and put the info…. ;) Next he will be quoting his father who was wearing a white hood as just someone who went around dressed as a ghost year round. ;)

      • rationalhistory

        wikipedia as your source? Hahahahaha

      • demsvoteblindly


        Something tells me you were probably removed from the service…

        Say all you want, spin all you want… history is there black and white for all to read. You can spin it however you want. You are free to do so…

        Just answer me who the last elected KKK member of the Senate was and what party he ran for???? When you finally admit that the Dem party still had a racist member as recent as just a year or two ago… then maybe you can start to accept what the Dem party really is. ;) The party of racist!

        Just answer me that Wolfman… what party was Robert Byrd from?! was he elected in the 1800’s??? or is that more recent history that you would prefer didn’t exist???

    • Wolfie

      Heh …

      Tell you what, you go look at the Electoral College map for the history of the United States … As you move towards the Civil Rights Era, you will see a marked change in how the Southern States went from Dem to Repub ….

      I’ve SEEN separate but equal … and I’m pure ‘white’ descended from Wales going back 1,000 years to the continent and going on 400 in this country ….

      And for the record, I’ve LIVED in both the North, South, East, & West in my day … You?

      • Denise

        That’s right because Black were allowed to vote freely and blacks were republican’s until the Civil rights act was passed. They changed parties because Kennedy let MLK out of the Memphis City Jail and Daddy King told Kennedy he had his vote. But the democrats fought the CRA, just ask Al Gore Jr, about his dad’s vote against the Civil Rights Act and Senator Byrd(decreased) the grand master of the KKK who was a democrat. The Library of Congress tells the whole truth.
        I have also lived all over the country. Lived in Jackson Mississippi in 1967 when the colored signs were still in view.

      • Dennis in WV

        Stick around…you’re about to see the White House turn from Dem to Repub also…

    • Wolfie

      Heh … that’s some pretty interesting deception you’re practicing there … LMAO …

      The DEMOCRATS of the Civil War era, became DIXIE-crats when the Civil Rights movement gained traction in the 60’s … MANY became or are now REPUBLICANS …

      Talk about wolves in sheeps …..

      And BOTH parties use racism as a divisive issue, BOTH ….

      • Al

        Wolfie: “The DEMOCRATS of the Civil War era, became DIXIE-crats when the Civil Rights movement gained traction in the ’60’s.” Guess what, fellow, the Dixiecrats were prominent in the 1940s, not the 1960s. Furthermore, not that many “Democrats of the Civil War era” were still living in the 1940s, much less the 1960s. Q.E.D.

        If you had limited yourself to saying that many who were southern Democrats in 1968 became Republicans, you’d have heard no objection from me. That’s the conventional wisdom and I think it’s right, but I’ve never seen any credible numbers regarding how many switched parties.

      • Wayne

        regarding the quote from dvb: “How many Dems voted to give blacks rights? ZERO!!!”

        No dvb, that is false. The majority of both Democrats and Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

        Not only that, but most of the Democrats who did vote against it soon switched parties and became the core of the Republican Party from then on.

      • demsvoteblindly

        Wolfie… you mean the Democrats tried to excape their history… so they pretend now that they were the Republicans ending slavery and somehow the Republicans said… oh ok, we will be Democrats now and you be the party that freed the slaves. I guess you have to come up with something that stupid if you have that kind of history on your side.

        Hey Wolfie… did someone forget to tell the voters in WV when they voted for DEMOCRAT Robert Byrd, Senator from WV and a KKK grand wizard? When he died the other year… did Bill Clinton not come to his defense and say he did it just to get elected… so who were his voters then if the Dem from WV felt he needed to be a Grand Wizard of the KKK to get elected? Did the Republicans vote for him even though he was a Dem and the Dems sat silent???

        How many Dems voted to give blacks rights? ZERO!!!

        Why was the first Grand Wizard of the KKK honored for his work fighting Repubulicans in the 1868 DEMOCRAT National Conference?

        Why if you are black and you side with Republicans or conservatives you are an Uncle Tom??? Why are blacks not allowed individual thoughts or must they all stick together just like the Dems like them… stuck right on their plantation.

        Try smoking more dope, you need it!

      • elevenhundred

        I thought Dems just changed from racism against blacks to racism against whites. I mean that’s why they started affirmative action,racial minimum quotas, and diversity bonus points that continue till this day.

        However, 90% of blacks still support Obama when he has done nothing for them and has ended every black oriented small business subsidy. Do they love him for hating them as long as he’s a little darker than an average president?

      • ziegler

        You mean like Byrd….or perhaps Al Gore Sr….google him right on up with some civil rights vote….life long democrat…and lo and behold…his son is a life long democrat too…maybe you’ve heard of him?

      • Denise

        Also, IF it wasn’t for the republican’s the Civil Rights Act would never have happened. Your dixiecrats WERE NOT republican’s, they were Southern Democrats. A good informative book is by Rev. Wayne Perryman who is a black man, by the way. The book is titled, Whites, Blacks and the Racist Democrats: The untold History of race and politics within the Democratic Party from 1792-2009. It was the democrats who called the Republican’s “N8gger lover’s” It was the republican’s who were murdered by democratic southerners during the early 60’s. You need to learn your history by reading, not watching Hollywood movies.

      • Denise

        No deception just a case act filed by the Rev. Wayne Perryman which can be found in the Library of Congress. If you have watched C-span you would have watched the democrat party apologized for their opposition to the republican’s push for civil rights since the civil war. I think it is you who have been deceived. You can read the entire case in Wayne Perry on behalf of himself and the African American’s Citizens of the United States; Petitioner v. Democratic National Committee and the National Democratic Party; Respondent.

      • Demsvoteblindly

        Wayne… You may want to study up on the voting history of the 14th amendment… Dems voted 100% against it!!! Republicans voted 92% for it!!!

        Spin spin spin and spin some more..

        Wayne… who was Robert Byrd??? Was he Democrat or Republican??? is a couple years too far back for you??? Was he not a Grand Wizard of the KKK??!?!? Did Bill Clinton not come to his defense the past year when he said he was in the KKK to win over voters… if he ran as a Dem and joined the KKK to win over voters… who is his voting base?!?!?! Try being dumb somewhere else, you proved it here already that you are just that!

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