ATLANTA (WAOK)- For most of Saturday more than a hundred volunteers, friends and family members combed through parts of Buckhead and Lakewood with one goal in mind, to find Stacey English. The 36 year old woman has been missing since December 26. Atlanta police participated in a search with mounted officers and dogs on Friday but today was about friends and family, those who knew Stacey and many who just heard about the story and wanted to offer their services.

A group set out this morning from The Vanderbilt condos on Lenox Road where English lived. Another group covered the Lakewood Amphitheatre area and family members directed volunteer groups from a command center set up at the YMCA minutes away from a pivotal location in the case, the John C. Burdine Library and mini police precinct on Lakewood Avenue. Stacey English’s Volvo was found with its engine running on the parking lot of the Burdine library on December 27.

Small groups of 5 and 6 volunteers set out with neighborhood maps in hand and flyers, tacking some of them to trees in the area, handing others out to neighbors. They knocked on doors and asked people nearby if they remembered seeing anything unusual in the area on the day the car was found.

Later in the afternoon about a hundred people gathered at South Bend Park across from the Lakewood Stadium to comb through the dense brush to see if they could find any sign that the young woman may have been there. One man volunteered with his professionally trained German Shepard security dog to search the area. The family provided a piece of clothing for the dog to sniff and off they went into the woods.

It has been almost two weeks since anyone has seen or heard from Stacey English.

The official missing person police report filed on December 31 painted a picture of a young woman who may have been experiencing some mental and emotional issues. A girlfriend told the family when she last spoke with Stacey on December 26 or 27 she was agitated and seemed concerned that someone may have been trying to harm her. The girlfriend said English quoted Bible scripture and she talked about the end of the world.

The last person known to have been with English, Robert Kirk, a promoter from St. Louis, who was in Atlanta to spend some time with English, told the family a similar story. Kirk said Stacey began screaming at him on the evening of December 26, quoted Bible scripture, asked him if he was Satan and told him to leave her residence.  Kirk did leave and says that was the last time he saw or spoke with English.

English’s parents have said they noticed no indication of any erratic behavior and do not believe the statements about their daughter.

Robert Kirk is now referring all calls about Stacey English to his attorney Scott Rosenblum. “Mr. Kirk has completely cooperated in every way with the authorities and provided all the information that he could. He has nothing to hide,” Rosenblum said.

There is now a report on the Huffington Post of another young woman who looks very much like Stacey English who went missing in St. Louis on December 18 about a week before Stacey disappeared in Atlanta. The cars of both women were found with the engine running and in both cases the cars were impounded by police before they could be connected to their disappearances. Police from both cities are aware of the similarities in the cases.

Read the Huffington Post story on the disappearance of Phoenix Coldon and Stacey English here

Families of both young women have set up Facebook pages on their behalf

Help Us Find Stacey Nicole English

Missing Phoenix Coldon




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