Late Thursday afternoon 19 year old Naquelle Ballard was denied bond in Clayton County Magistrate Court after she told Judge Robert Dolph that she understood the charges against her. Ballard is being held in the Clayton County jail.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – Clayton County authorities say a teenage girl attempted to kidnap a newborn by sticking the baby in her purse.

Naquelle Ballard, 19, was arrested Wednesday after the teen, dressed in scrubs and pretending to work at the hospital, attempted to kidnap a 2-day-old girl – playing it off as her own child to cover up her miscarriage.

On Wednesday morning, Ballard, who later admitted to having bought scrubs from Walmart, went to Southern Regional Hospital and asked the mother of the 2-day-old girl if she was ready for the baby to go back to the nursery, according to Clayton County police. Ballard proceeded to take the child and put her in her purse.

During the course of this action, the infant alarm system began to go off. According to police, hospital personnel would struggle for the purse and the baby before securing both. As hospital officials confronted Ballard about causing the alarm to go off, the teen fled the scene. Police would apprehend her a short time later.

Ballard’s reasoning to police for the incident came from unfortunate circumstances. Ballard told authorities that she had miscarried and that she had yet to tell her boyfriend about it, according to the police report. She would go on to state that the baby she attempted to kidnap was part of a plan to cover up her miscarriage, making it seem like the abducted baby was the couple’s own.

Ballard has been charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment. Her bond has yet to be set.

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  1. Quay Wilcoxson says:

    Who does such a thing to a person? And why would you want a baby that bad? She had plenty of years to live and have a baby of her wont. She’s young, why are you thinking about your education and what you’re going to do in life?

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