Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we interviewed Author and Matchmaker Shay Williams.   Shay Williams,  known as “The Date Diva”, gave us all the tools needed to attract the one you want in 30 Days.  There were no limits for “The Date Diva”,  as she gave listeners and Lorraine Jacques-White an ear full about dating, and finding the right mate.

Take a listen to what  Shay “The Date Diva” Williams  had to say about finding your perfect match in 30 Days:

Love In 30 Days Part 1:

Love In 30 Days Part 2:

Love In 30 Days Part 3:

Love In 30 Days Part 4:

  1. porsha says:

    OK, here we go again, another sequel to how the black woman can get a man, blah, blah, blah………………………………………….

    Here we go again on all the flaws of the black woman or Diva as she called it which is an oxymoron in my book. When i hear the word Diva the first thing that comes to my mind is bossy, over the top, over confident, successful- all the things that she just said is a turn off for black men………………………….

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of these topics that really put more of a wedge between black male female relationships than to really heal and be progressive. No matter how submissive you are, sweet you are, you will still be subjected to garbage, plain and simple. And i know plenty of men that cheat on their good submissive, church going wives, i am surrounded by them all day, every day.

    I know a ton of men that say they are only as faithful as their next oppurtunity, so why are women constantly putting energy into something that they have NO CONTROL OVER, what will be will be. Some men like natural hair, most men hate weaves and fake eyes, makeup, which this author seems to pack on both. She has some valid points but its nothing new.

    For me its not about having someone to warm my bed, or feeling that i have to have a man to be complete and this is what this mumbo jumbo always alludes to= that if you are single and without a man you are nothing. Then they use bible qoutes to make you feel even lower, by saying things like a wife is chosen by a man as some sort of great gift that a man is bestowing on you as a woman to make you a nobody his wife. Well I’ll be, what does it say to the wife when this man also chooses a mistress? And i know plenty of wives that are miserable feeling like maids, not being really satisfied in bed, just living in a situation, contributing to paying high mortages, bills, whatever, sorry but NO THANK YOU, i will gladly stay single, happy, and sane.

    Oh and PS, not all black women are desperate for love and commitment from one man. And not all black women are lying to themselves to enjoy their peace of mind by choosing not to get involved with a man. Personally i like being in control, making the call on which black or non black man i will go out with from week to week. I have found that MEN are just as plentiful to me as they feel WOMEN are to them. Do i think that i would make a good wife- sure, am i poor and sad because i am not, NO! I love my freedom, my independence, and right to choose with no strings attached. I dont live my life by a book written by men, aka the bible………………. i live my life by that inner sense that the creator gave me to feel, and personally i feel like if black women have to read a score of books year after year on how to get a man, maybe thats the problem within itself, stop reading all this retoric and do you and what you truly feel is right in your heart. I know several women who bought into this christian concept of marriage and they are miserable in SITUATIONS not MARRAIGES, but i guess being able to say that they have a husband means more to them than their own real happiness.

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