ATLANTA (AJC)-A 19-year-old South Fulton man died from gunshot wounds to the back after an alleged altercation Wednesday night with a Union City police officer, the Fulton County Medical Examiner said Friday.

Union City police said Ariston Waiters was shot after tussling with an officer, who was responding to a call of a fight in progress on Hickory Lane.

But a lawyer representing the victim’s family said witnesses tell a different story.

“The investigation that began Wednesday night … was an attempt to cover up what really happened,” said attorney Mawuli Mel Davis. “One eyewitness confirmed to us that her statement [to police] was torn up.”

The GBI, at the request of Union City police, is the sole agency investigating the shooting.

“Agents have talked to everyone still near the scene that night and will interview any others who claim to have pertinent information,” GBI spokesman John Bankhead said.

Davis said two witnesses have yet to speak the GBI, but added he was personally escorting them to the agency’s headquarters Friday afternoon so they can give their statement. More in this report from the AJC

Questions have been asked about why Waiters would run from police if he was not involved in the fight.  “Young black men don’t trust the police,” said former Atlanta City Councilman and WAOK Talk Show host Derrick Boazman, representing Waiters’ family. “It’s a normal reaction for them to run when they see the cops.”

Boazman spoke to the family of Waiters on “Too Much Truth” while asking the public for help in raising money to help bury the young father. Hear the interview here

  1. The Black Falcon says:

    This taken from the AJC on the murder of Slimm Dunkin…

    They told investigators that Hamilton got into a “verbal altercation with another individual” before the shoot, and that person “produced a handgun, discharged that weapon at least one time, striking Mr. Hamilton in the chest,” said Meadows.

    But some details are in dispute, and investigators are “just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together,” said Meadows. ” It seems everybody witnessed something very different. We’re just trying to go back and make sense of everything.” Police have not recovered the handgun that was used.

    So everybody witnessed something different.When it is Black folk killing other Black folk, witnesses are not sure what happened. But when the police are involved, the only thing people know is the police were in the wrong.

    It is funny that WAOK is not mentioning this story. If the story can’t be sensationalized (i.e. police involvement) then the life doesn’t matter.

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