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University Of Georgia Tutor Arrested With Sister For Dorm Drug-Dealing Business

ATHENS, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A University of Georgia student and tutor has been arrested for allegedly selling marijuana out of her sister’s dorm room.

Larissa Chantal Galiano, 21, was arrested Friday for her role as a supplier and business partner in her and her sister’s marijuana-selling business, which was housed from her 18-year-old sister’s dorm room. Galiano, a student assistant who tutors UGA students in Italian and Spanish, was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Her arrest comes a month after Tatiana Galiano, 18, was arrested in her dorm room on Nov. 9 as part of an investigation by university police into the marijuana business that was happening at Creswell Hall, which mostly houses freshmen students.

On Oct. 31, university police received a tip that Tatiana was selling marijuana from her dorm room and that Larissa was her supplier, according to a Clarke County Superior Court search warrant. But in a recorded conversation with an undercover UGA police officer who bought marijuana from Tatiana in her dorm room, the younger sister said that the two were actually formal business partners. The Athens Banner-Herald reports that Tatiana would go to her older sister’s home, retrieve the marijuana, and bring it to the potential buyer by the end of the day.

UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson told CBS Atlanta that “a number of undercover operations were done during this time frame,” as the university police would work with personnel from the Northeast Georgia Drug Task Force. This came after a number of complaints from students in the residence hall, he said.

Nine days after the start of the investigation, police executed a search warrant on Tatiana’s dorm room, where they would find marijuana and LSD. She was charged with possession with intent to distribute. Police also conducted a search of Larissa’s home, seizing bags with marijuana residue, paperwork, and cell phones, according to police. Despite the seizure of the older sister’s home, the Larissa wasn’t arrested until Friday. Williamson said this was more than likely done as a measure by the task force to procure any information from Larissa about other sources of illegal drugs.

Larissa was released Friday on $5,000 bond. Williamson said Tatiana is still awaiting a ruling from the university as to her punishment, adding that he wasn’t sure if her dorm had evicted her due to the arrest.


One Comment

  1. Sarah says:

    “Larissa was released Friday on $5,000 bond. Williamson said Tatiana is still awaiting a ruling from the university as to her punishment, adding that he wasn’t sure if her dorm had evicted her due to the arrest”. Sale with intent to distribute and this female was released on 5K bod, white privilege in on display, change the name to Jamal or Keisha and they would still in in jail with 500K bond on their heads.. The university is making a decision about her punishment? What about expulsion, kicked off campus? There would be no hearing for Jamal or Keisha, the moment of their arrest their status would be former UGA students, with the university making every effort to distance themselves from the incident and these black students..Just goes to show the double standards of operating in the AmeriKKKan judicial system when it comes to black V white getting punished

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