Today, Rob Redding wanted to address a letter that was written about President Obama. The letter was extremely disrespectful, degrading and racist. To add insult to injury, the individual who wrote the letter is a democrat. So tonight, Rob asks the question, why hasn’t this individual been forced to apologize? If he was a republican or part of another party, members of the democratic party would have been in an uproar. Do you agree that there is a double standard? Click below to hear the show and tell us what you think.

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  1. MB says:

    How is this racist? Sounded race neutral to me… just as the Republican quotes and those of a normal observer. You are a joke if you think you can’t speak badly about the POTUS. Dems lambasted Bush and wanted him dead… citing Obama’s incompetence is not racist. Talk about bias Redding.

  2. picomanning says:

    Let me make the very, very clear! Anyone who does not love Obama is a racist and that will not be tolerated. So get your cowardly little ass in line, be very good and do as we say, then we will not pick on you.

  3. ablecynic says:

    No black person may leave the Democratic Plantation without the permission of their owners, the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party knows what is best for all black persons so you need to get yourself back in line and don’t talk back. No black person may speak about the Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, without getting permission from the Democratic Party first. All written material by a black person about BHO must be reviewed and approved by a member of the Democratic Party. And don’t you “persons of the N-word” forget that! Democrats rule all!

  4. Ricky James says:

    Frankly, I have to agree with MB. Citing the rant by Cordoza as racist is a stretch. He didn’t use any racial buzzwords or even allude to any. He just exercised his right to criticize his president. What I would be interested in seeing is an elaboration on his points. I want to know WHY he thinks the way he does. Was he personally dissed by Barrack or Michelle? If not, what is the source of his disillusionment with Obama? Was it FOX News, Rush Limbaugh or O’Rielly? Someone needs to confront Cordoza and call him on this. If you make public accusations about someone you should be able to back them up with fact. Maybe he can! And, now that the public is involved, he needs to do just that! ROb Redding, that is your responsibility since you brought this to our attention. You need to follow up and get back to us….case closed!

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