Alright fashionistas, it seems as though winter weather has finally approached the South and is here to stay.  I even had to scrape ice off my car windshield earlier this week!  Brrrrrr!  Where is global warming when you need it?!  Even though last week Atlanta had sunny and light fall temperatures, I think it is safe to say that it is time to shop and make sure your wardrobe is up to date on the “IT” items of winter!

The good news is that it is holiday shopping season and there are a lot of good sales and deals out there.  My advice?  When shopping for gifts always remember the phrase “One for you and two for me!”  It is a GREAT way to reward yourself for finding the great gifts for others.  Plus, it serves as a nice motivational tool.  Just make sure the gifts for yourself others aren’t too expensive or you may find your bank account running low quite quickly.  The following are the 3 items I am in love with this winter.

Pleated Winter Coat

For the past few years I have had some wonderful pea coats that are classic and staples to my wardrobe.  However, I decided I wanted a change.  Pleated coats add that feminine elegant touch to any look.  My favorite are the double breasted coats with buttons that are similar to pea coats, but have a tie around the waist and pleats as well.  This looks emphasizes a more slender waist and flares out over the hips.  It has the similar affect as a dress and these coats look stunning over a dress and tights. What ever you do, please don’t wear those ugly puffy jackets.  Trust me, no matter what your figure is, they aren’t doing you ANY favors.  Except maybe keeping you warm, but you should know that fashion comes first.  Obviously!

Dark Grey Nail Polish

The trend of black nail polish is sooooooo L.C. during her The Hills days.  It’s time to update the trend and get a color that is chic, but not crazy enough to look like you got it out of a 4 year-old’s collection.  If you can find the color in a standard box of crayons, it’s time to grow up.  Dark grey is perfect for the winter and the deep tones that follow with the season.  The grey adds a sophistication that goes with any color in your wardrobe, and also doesn’t scream “I am goth.”

Black Riding Boots

Black boots are always in style and riding boots have been a popular trend for a while now.  These tall boots are very chic and sleek; looking great with skinny jeans and a blazer.  Even Target has riding boots for an affordable price.  Everyone, let’s please ditch the UGG look-a-likes.  They are UGG-ly.  Nothing says “I’m cheap” like a bad imitation boot.  Every other store has their own version and if you aren’t going to pony up the cash for the real ones, just go in a different direction.  Another style of boots I hate?  Slouchy, cuffed top boots.  They are only okay if you are Peter Pan and trying to rescue the lost boys.  Or Santa Claus.  Then you can wear them.  But only then. 


georgia girl


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