When in sports has there been a story where the unexplainable continues to  happen for one team?  As sports fans we’ve all seen the great play or comeback, but when have we witnessed an ongoing story about such a polarized football player, and team that continues to have everyone talk about? Hey, careful what you wish for pro’s! If you listen to all the paid analysts and broadcasters, you would hear the same sentiments as your barber, neighbor, or friend, which are baffled statements similar to, “speechless”, “wow”, or “unexplainable”. What Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are doing is simply just that.  Unexplainable. We all know the gaudy numbers Tebow puts up in three-quarters of football, or his inability to pass down the field, but every week the defense shows up, and the other team always seems to find a way to give the Broncos the chance to seize the moment.

Just like this society, people always feel they have to try to define, or label everything that goes on, but in this case, 00zcapprn31ca7ogy9ncawzqo4nca0znrhfca0cg4vfcauq66zbcaeemw6qca3pcsf8ca1x714gca7ynx1rcan68f07ca3zg01fcasgfv4gcawtk3igcaeq5y9hcal1l7qpcavtirudcaglph2d The Sports Kings: Bloggin: The Tebow Wayreasoning as far as football is concerned is thrown out of the window. I know Steve Mariucci, Trent Dilfer, or Tom Jackson want to say it, so I’ll say it for them! It’s Tebow’s faith in his Lord. That’s how and who’s making all of this happen. Professional suicide I know, but how else can we explain this? The Broncos have gone from starting out 1-4 before Tebow, and are now 8-5 while leading their division and four of those wins in overtime (2 games where it was a stick a fork in them situation), not to mention a revamped college spread offense that is run based, no real stars on offense, and a quarterback with under 100 completions, and a 48.5% completion rating

Lets talk about faith. Tebow has it. Despite the fact this offense was put in place out of desperation, and the only chance for Denver to win with Tebow at the helm, head coach John Fox stayed faithful and stuck to doing all the necessary things to give his team an advantage. Furthermore, the more winning the Broncos do with this style of offense, the more I believe it can successfully last in the NFL(see Cameron Newton, and Robert Griffin III).

What continues to make this a feel good story for most people is that faith can actually work. The players say they keep believing. If this were a movie, it would be one of this years top grossers, but we all would probably say afterwards, “great movie, but that would never happen in the NFL”.xocca4954u8ca0gw1lxcaa2owkscahilxzycawbf1x2cakhwe39ca3moe7jcag466b1caedppa4caxujgaicac0pz9acadhoaolcawokrl2ca43whvtca3b578ncao4yc0scaw4ak94cayi17a22 The Sports Kings: Bloggin: The Tebow Way

I think for the most part, we all want that kind of faith. I think quietly a lot people admire how this young man not only has it, but seems to continuously get awarded for it. Don’t get me wrong, I‘m not saying that Tebow can keep this up and go undefeated for his career, or that GOD is up there worried about football outcomes. All things must come to an end, but with all the disappointing and sad stories in the world of sports, why can’t we just sit back and enjoy what Tim Tebow and the Broncos are doing? By the way, did I mention Denver’s next game is at home against Tom Brady, and the Patriots? Like I said… All good things must come to and end, but win or lose, I will surely continue to sit back and enjoy the ride.  I know one thing.  I will never count Tim Tebow and the Broncos out of anything.

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