ATLANTA(AP/WAOK) – Georgia Tech has set up a new video surveillance tower on the campus as police investigate recent attacks on two students targeted by criminals.  WXIA-TV reports that the tower near the student center provides campus police with a 24-hour live feed of what’s happening within a 100-yard area.

The two students who reported being targeted by criminals included a female student who told police she returned to her vehicle near the library Friday and was surprised by a man sitting in the back seat. The man hit her on the head, and took her purse. Authorities said the woman sprayed him with pepper spray, and he fled.

A second crime happened Saturday morning. A male student told police that a man approached him from behind, grabbed him and tried to take his backpack from him. The student fought off the attacker.

Some students say they feel more at ease knowing this measure is in place. Georgia Tech police are asking the public for any information on these two latest crimes. Students with information about either attack are asked to call Georgia Tech Police at 404-894-2500.


  1. Sharon says:

    The numerous crimes committed on Georgia Tech or near the Georgia Tech campus are just outrageous. Yet many people are either jobless , uneducated/undereducated and are not able to afford a college education. This capitalistic/consumeristic type of economy has created so much barbarism and a lack of respect for anyone or anything period. Many people just think they are supposed to take from others and the so called jobless recovery has truly driven the madness to a level that is beyond belief. The question is, how much worse will the decline in morality and heightened frenzy become? Will the decline become even more fierce than now? Poverty has increased upon people who have never faced poverty before and on the flip side there are people who never cared to improve their lives as well.. Committing crimes just to be parasites on others is utterly repugnant..

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